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    Tallinn Card: pay less to see more

    29.04.2020 Tallinn Card
    Tallinn Card is your key to the sights, attractions and museums in Tallinn. Using it is easy and saves you a great deal of money. To help you make the most of your Tallinn Card, we have created you itineraries for one, two or three days in Tallinn with Tallinn Card.
    Follow our lead or create your own itinerary with Tallinn Card calculator. The calculator will show you immediately how much money you save with visits to different sights and museums.

    The quickest way to get yourself a Tallinn Card and start to explore the city is through Tallinn Card online shop. Just choose the Tallinn Card you want to purchase. The cards are valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours, with Tallinn Card PLUS you’ll get an extra hop-on, hop-off City Tour bus excursion in the city. There are different cards for children and adults. Please note that with an adult card you can bring along two children under the age of 7 for free! After you have selected the cards, all you need to do is pay and you are ready to go!

    The shop will send your Tallinn Card to you by email. You’ll get a PDF-file with QR-code, which will function as your Tallinn Card. You can choose whether you want to print it out or download it on your mobile phone to show on the go.
    The card will activate the first time it is used, either at an attraction or on public transport (yay, public transport is also included!). From that moment on your card is valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours that will go rushing by, so it is best to be prepared. Here is our example itinerary on how to squeeze the most out of your Tallinn Card.

    NB! Always check opening hours before visiting museums & other sights.

    Day one - save 23.50 €

     Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum  14 €
     Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin (Dome Church's) and the Tower   5 €
     Seaplane Harbour   15 €
     Tallinn City Tour   25 €
     Public transport   4.50 €
     Total price without Tallinn Card, day one  63.50 €
     Price with 24h Tallinn Card PLUS   40 €


    Spend the day wandering in the Old Town and get to know Tallinn. These attractions will give you great views and insights to the history of Tallinn. Hop on the Tallinn City Tour and hear more about the different sides of the city.

    Tallinn is a city by the sea and the Baltic Sea has had a great impact to the development of the city. The proper way to finish the day is to visit one of the most popular museums in Tallinn, the Seaplane Harbour. You’ll save even more if you choose to take a ride on Steamboat Katharina close by the Seaplane Harbour. With Tallinn Card you’ll get discount up to 50% of the price depending on the cruise you choose. Booking in advance for the cruise is required.

    The Old Town is filled with fascinating museums. If you have time, pick one or two to get some more information about Tallinn. In the heart of Old Town you’ll also find several Tallinn Card partner restaurants. You’ll get -10% with Tallinn Card from restaurants Peppersack, Scheeli and Spot. 
    Kehrwieder Chocolaterie located in the heart of the Old Town will offer you a free chocolate truffle.

    Day two - save 66.50 €

     Tallinn TV Tower (priority admission)  17€
     Maarjamäe Palace - Estonian History Museum  8 €
     Estonian Film Museum  8 €
     Kumu Art Museum  10 €
     Kadriorg Palace - Kadriorg Art Museum  8 €
     Tallinn City Tour  3 €
     Public transport  3 €
     Total price without Tallinn Card, day 1 and day 2  120.50€
     Price with 48h Tallinn Card PLUS  54 €

    Day two will take you to Pirita and Kadriorg. You can use the Tallinn City Tour red buses or public transport to get to these sights. Views from Tallinn TV Tower are magnificent; you’ll see the whole city from here. If you dare, take a walk on the edge of the tower (need to pay separately) and enjoy the view to the shimmering Baltic Sea. When the sky is clear one should be able to see all the way to the Finnish coast.

    Continue to visit the Estonian History Museum and Estonian Film Museum in Maarjamäe Palace grounds. You'll get a whole new perspective to Estonian culture and history after visiting these popular museums.

    Kadriorg is art lover’s paradise. Art museum after art museum can be found in this romantic park. We chose some of them for you, but if you have time, you should visit them all. Afterwards you can enjoy dinner at Cantina Carramba, where you’ll get -10% discount off with Tallinn Card.

    Day three - save 100.50 €

     Energy Discovery Centre
    9 €
     KGB Prison Cells 5 €
     Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom 11€
     Tallinn Zoo 8 €
     Estonian Open Air Museum 10 €
     Public transport 0 €
     Tallinn City Tour 1 €
     Total price without Tallinn Card, day 1, day 2 and day 3 164.50€
     Price with 72h Tallinn Card PLUS  64 €

    On day three it is time to explore the west coast of Tallinn. Visit Tallinn Zoo and see the exotic animals from polar bears to elephants. For small children there is Children’s Zoo, where you’ll meet domestic animals. Close by is the Estonian Open Air Museum, where you can discover Estonian traditions. You’ll also have time to visit some attractions in the centre of Tallinn, like Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom, KGB Prison Cells and Energy Discovery Centre.