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    Restaurants in Tallinn

    Seasonal, local ingredients and unique spins on Estonian cuisine are the cornerstone of restaurants in Tallinn. Traditional Estonian food is served by both casual and fine dining restaurants, many of which offer an unforgettable visitor experience from the wine list to the chef’s signature dishes, all in a carefully curated environment. According to The White Guide restaurant directory, the lion’s share of Estonia’s best restaurants can be found in Tallinn. Tallinn is also home to a number of excellent ethnic restaurants including Italian, Asian, and Caucasian cuisines.

    There are also a few dozen restaurants in Tallinn focused primarily on vegetarian or vegan food and are brimming with creativity. You also have several choices for a medieval dining experience in the Tallinn Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are looking for quality street food, make sure to visit the Baltic Station Market and various street festivals held in the city. Restaurants in Tallinn offer great budget options on weekday lunches, but during the biannual Tallinn Restaurant Week, you can try special lunch and evening menus at fine restaurants for affordable prices.