Tallinn Old Town

    If someone were to ask, ‘Is the Old Town just a life-size museum?’, the only correct answer would be, ‘No, of course not!’ The fact that it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List confirms that it is valuable treasure. But the number of important and exciting events that still take place there also prove it is lively and constantly evolving. The heart of the Old Town, the Town Hall Square, is where Estonians greet their heroes returning home from big accomplishments abroad. In summer, the Old Town Days and Medieval Days attract Estonians and foreigners alike to the Town Hall Square. 

    Every mid-November, we watch in awe as the Christmas tree is erected on the Town Hall Square, and we prepare to enjoy one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world. Tallinn’s long-standing café culture has always revolved around the Old Town, be it Maiasmokk, the oldest café in Tallinn dating back to 1864, Pierre Chocolaterie in the hidden Masters’ Courtyard, or a number of other trendy establishments. When it comes to views, you can’t beat those from the Old Town Wall, its towers and Toompea Hill’s viewing platforms. The Old Town is like a good book, rewarding those who read beyond its cover with delightful secrets.

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