A fairy-tale Christmas in Tallinn Old Town

    If you want to experience the true feeling of Christmas this year, come to Tallinn Old Town: the city's most beautiful Christmas tree will be shining on Town Hall Square; the Christmas Market will be in full swing; many streets, courtyards and display windows will be festively decorated and the smell of warm gingerbread and glögg made by local restaurants and cafés will be in the air. Christmas celebrations will take place in the heart of the capital from 29 November 2020 until 10 January 2021.

    Dozens of holiday events, concerts and special tours will take place within the medieval walls, authentic handicraft shops will open their doors inviting people for crafts and restaurants will be offering special menus.
    What could be more enjoyable on a crisp winter day than taking a walk filled with flavourful and cultural sensations in one of Europe's most well-preserved old towns – and all without crossing any national borders? You can find the holiday activities that are best for you on our event calendar.

    Christmas land in Old Town: fir trees, streets and display windows decorated in full holiday cheer

    The capital's most glorious Christmas tree will tower over Town Hall Square. In 1441, the first known public Christmas tree in Europe was put up in this exact spot. The candles will be ceremoniously lit on the first Advent, 29 November.

    Gorgeous and special trees can be found all over the city, from museums to town squares. The Tallinn Tourist Information Centre has been decorated by the Estonian Reed Crafting Team. They also made the world's biggest reed crown, making it into the Guinness World Records this year.

    Grab a hot drink from a nice café, stroll along the medieval streets and peek into the courtyards and display windows: close to 70 lighting designs, dozens of nativity scenes and other decorations will be spread around the Old Town and city centre. Many windows have actually become concert and dance stages or art galleries.

    Useful information! We can't promise snow, but you'll be able to skate in the Old Town in any weather. The ice-skating rink opens its doors as soon as the end of November.

    Christmas markets and fairs in Tallinn Old Town

    Town Hall Square is the Heart of the Old Town – and certainly during the holiday period. Starting from the first Advent, you can taste the best food, find gifts for your loved ones and meet a very special Father Christmas who will magically appear in the capital straight from the North Pole.

    Many other Christmas-themed craft and design sales will be taking place in the Old Town as well.

    Christmas events in the Old Town museums

    The museums and attractions of the Old Town have organised exciting themed visitor programmes. As has become tradition, you will be able to see the absolute master class of gingerbread art at the exhibition 'Gingerbread Mania'. This year, the theme will be fashion.

    Take a look at which museums will be offering wonderful surprises during Christmas time.

    The shops of craftsmen, handicraft shops and the museums of the Old Town offer workshops

    Several shops and craftsmen in the Old Town offer authentic Estonian design and crafts. During the Advent period, many of them open their own workshops, where, with guidance from the artists, you can craft truly unique gifts.

    Useful information! Most of the workshops require pre-registration. Sign up quickly as the workshops fill up fast.

    Special themed tours in Tallinn Old Town

    Young and old guests alike can experience the joy of discovery in the Old Town, shining under the Christmas lights. Step out of your usual routine for a moment and view Tallinn from a completely new perspective, such as that of a medieval citizen, domestic animal or even a (mostly) friendly ghost.

    City tours are a marvellous opportunity to spend time in the open air in an exciting way. If you get tired, take a little break and hop on the jolly city train that makes its rounds along the cobbled streets of the Old Town.

    Did you know that Tallinn Old Town is truly unique? The city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has retained its medieval network of streets lined mostly with 13th and 16th century buildings.

    Christmas concerts and performances in the Old Town

    The atmosphere gives a special air to the events in the Old Town – how often do you get the chance listen to Christmas melodies within medieval walls or see a children's play in the former gunpowder cellar or even on the hillside of Toompea?

    Useful information! During the holiday period, many of the events will be free or available with the price of just one museum ticket.

    The flavour of Christmas in the Old Town's cafés and restaurants: a journey of taste through the Old Town

    The various cafés and restaurants of the Old Town have put together tasty offers for the holiday season: grab a drink or a snack at a reasonable price and try the special holiday menu. Come and discover the exciting restaurants of the Old Town!

    Useful information! Make the most of the opportunity to taste food in several places. You can collect stamps for special offers. If your stamp card is full, you can participate in a raffle; the winner will be granted a truly generous and tasty experience! 

    Stay in Tallinn for the night

    A unique Old Town, spacious and fascinating museums, a busy cultural life, a variety of shopping opportunities – Tallinn is a small metropolis large enough to fit a lot. Take the time to discover the capital and book accommodation in the city centre for a good price – look for special Christmas offers in the hotels of Tallinn. Don't rush home!

    A special recommendation for the people of Tallinn: do you want to get out of your daily routine? Take a relaxing holiday trip to a neighbouring part of the city and let yourself be pampered in a cosy local hotel.

    The elf's special tip: information on the events and activities will be updated. Visit our event calendar regularly or follow us on Facebook @AvastaTallinna.