Photo: Kadi-Liis Koppel
Photo: Kristina Õllek

    Active holiday in Tallinn

    29.04.2020 Noora Karppi
    Finding opportunities to be active or play sports in Tallinn is not hard. The city boasts parks, ball courts and tracks. 
    You can climb, swing, swim, and hike, enjoy the nature in quiet surroundings or challenge yourself in adrenaline filled adventures. Invite your friend to a game of table tennis, or rent bikes to explore the city. In Tallinn you can enjoy an active holiday on land, sea, or air. 

    Hop on two wheels

    Rent a bike or a Segway and get to know Tallinn from another angle. You can also take part in the multitude of bicycle tours, with tour guides showing you all the best spots in town. People say riding a bike is the best way to enjoy Tallinn!

    Health tracks and promenades

    Pirita, Järve, Stroomi, Nõmme-Harku and Pae Park health tracks offer amazing surroundings for jogging and riding a bike. When there’s snow, the tracks are used for skiing. So go for a walk and run with the wind in your hair on one of the many health tracks in Tallinn.

    The promenades running along the coastline in Tallinn are local favorites on a sunny day. Put on your rollerskates, and take a tour of the Pirita or Rocca al Mare promenades.

    Skateboard ramps for tricks and turns can be found in the Politseiaed park, Kanut garden and Skoone bastions.

    Have fun in winter

    Winter brings a great opportunity to enjoy the crisp air outdoors. Feel the magic season of the snowy winter. It is best enjoyed outside. You can sledge at the Song Festival Grounds, ski in the snowy forests of Nõmme, and skate in the heart of the Old Town. But in case of a not-so-snowy winter, you still have the opportunity to try out your talent in hockey, make axel jumps, and go curling at the local ice rinks and arenas.

    Time to play ball

    All around Tallinn you can find places to play table tennis outdoors. Just take your rackets and balls and head for a free table. Tables can be found in parks, and the Telliskivi and Rotermann areas. Public outdoor ball-game courts are available for people who enjoy football, volleyball or basketball.
    Get your swing on and visit one of the golf courses offering tee-time in the Estonian countryside, or if you prefer, head for one of the fun mini-golf courses. If you prefer the new and trendy discgolf, go to Pirita or Nõmme adventure parks or to the discgolf park in Männiku. 

    Adventure in air

    Climb on the trees and find your inner Tarzan at an adventure park. For kids and adults there are separate trails that offer the opportunity to challenge yourself and engage in an adventure!

    For those who are not afraid of heights, we recommend you try out walking on the edge of Tallinn TV Tower, or swinging down from the arch in Song Festival Grounds.

    Adventure in the sea

    In the summer time, the sea calls out to people. It cools you on a hot summer day and offers plenty of opportunities for adventure. Take your friends out on a cooling yacht cruise in the Tallinn Bay, rent a motorboat and feel the adrenaline or row down the Pirita river.

    Try out the flyboard and see how it feels to have wings over the water. SUP, surf and sail on the waters into the sunset.

    Escape, hop and bowl

    Not all the days are sunny in Tallinn, but a rainy day gives you a perfect chance to do something exciting indoors. In the Zelluloos centre you can do everything in one day; hop on a trampoline, play a laser game, go climbing, and try to get a strike, in bowling. A popular place for billiards and bowling is KU:LSA:L in the city centre.
    During the last few years escape room games have gained popularity in Estonia. Try the KGB or Dracula escape rooms, or step into the shoes of Sherlock Holmes. You have 60 minutes to solve the problem and escape. 

    Horsepower and adrenaline

    For the ones who are thirsty for adrenaline and horsepower, the perfect way to spend an active holiday is at the local karting centre or rally park. Take out a real rally car for a spin or grab the lap record in a kart.