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Additional discounts in restaurants, cafés and shops.

Russian-Language Walking Tour of Old TownOne free tour of your choice with Tallinn Card PLUS
Russian-Language Walking Tour of Old Town
Russian-Language Walking Tour of Old TownThe comprehensive Russian-language walking tour of Tallinn entails a walk in the  upper and lower parts of the charming Old Town.
Old Town
KGB Prison CellsMuseums & Sights
KGB Prison Cells
KGB Prison CellsIn the heart of the Old Town at Pagari 1 lies the former KGB headquarters in Tallinn. The building has long been a symbol of the former Soviet oppression in Estonia. For thousands of Estonians, the course of suffering began from this place. This summer KGB Prison Cells will be opened for visitors after being inaccessible for years.
Old Town
Kiek in de KökMuseums & Sights
Kiek in de Kök
Kiek in de KökThis massive, 38m-high cannon tower houses an extensive museum of the town's fortifications, weapons and medieval-era life.
Old Town
Museum of OccupationsMuseums & Sights
Museum of Occupations
Museum of OccupationsThis modern museum is dedicated to the period when Estonia was occupied briefly by the Germans, then for decades by the USSR.
City Centre
Estonian Open Air MuseumMuseums & Sights
Estonian Open Air Museum
Estonian Open Air MuseumTravel back to the rural Estonia of old in this vast, living museum filled with recreated, 18-20th-century villages.
Rocca al Mare
Tallinn ZooMuseums & Sights
Tallinn Zoo
Tallinn ZooIf it hops, flies or slithers, you can find it at the Tallinn Zoo, which boasts one of Northern Europe's best animal collections.
Rocca al Mare
Carved Stone MuseumMuseums & Sights
Carved Stone Museum
Carved Stone MuseumThe Carved Stone Museum joins underground Tallinn and the carved stone heritage of the city. During the warmer summer months you can enter the museum directly from the Freedom square. Rest of the year visit the museum as part of the guided tour at the Bastion tunnels.
Old Town
Eduard Vilde MuseumMuseums & Sights
Eduard Vilde Museum
Eduard Vilde MuseumThis museum dedicated to Eduard Vilde (1865-1933), one of Estonia’s principle writers, makes its home in his 1850s-era villa.
Mikkel MuseumMuseums & Sights
Mikkel Museum
Mikkel MuseumMikkel's impressive foreign art collection covers antique Chinese porcelain, Flemish and Dutch paintings and Italian engravings.
Tallinn's Russian MuseumMuseums & Sights
Tallinn's Russian Museum
Tallinn's Russian MuseumThe unique history and art of Estonia's ethnic Russian community is brought to light in this venerable, Old Town building.
Old Town
Tallinn Art HallMuseums & Sights
Tallinn Art Hall
Tallinn Art HallThe 1930s-era Art Hall traditionally hosts some of the city's highest quality exhibitions from Estonia and abroad.
City Centre
Tallinn Botanic GardenMuseums & Sights
Tallinn Botanic Garden
Tallinn Botanic GardenWith over 4,500 plant species and 123 hectares of space, the garden is a great destination for both botany study and relaxation.All of the greenhouses, including the Palm House at Tallinn Botanic Garden, will be closed from 11-15 September and from 25-29 September. The Palm House only will be closed from 16-24 September, with access to the greenhouses being reorganised. Discounted admission prices will apply on maintenance days - tickets will cost €2.50 for adults, with students and pensioners paying just €1.00.
Lennusadam (Seaplane Harbour)Museums & Sights
Lennusadam (Seaplane Harbour)
Lennusadam (Seaplane Harbour)The unforgettable Seaplane Harbour is home to a super-modern maritime and military museum, complete with historic ships to tour.
Estonian Museum of Natural HistoryMuseums & Sights
Estonian Museum of Natural History
Estonian Museum of Natural HistoryExperience the natural environment of Estonia. Learn about forests, lakes and geology. See and feel how animals view the world in the Room of Discoveries.
Old Town
Tallinn TV TowerMuseums & Sights
Tallinn TV Tower
Tallinn TV TowerThe 1980s-era TV tower is Estonia's tallest building as well as a high-tech attraction boasting much more than just great views.
Town Hall TowerMuseums & Sights
Town Hall Tower
Town Hall TowerTallinn’s Town Hall, that unparalleled symbol of the town’s medieval past, features a 64-metre tower that visitors can climb.
Old Town
Kalamaja Children's Museum MiiamillaMuseums & Sights
Kalamaja Children's Museum Miiamilla
Kalamaja Children's Museum MiiamillaThis little museum is home to all sorts of dolls, teddy bears and other toys, from folk dolls to Teletubbies.
Museum of the Estonian Drink CultureMuseums & Sights
Museum of the Estonian Drink Culture
Museum of the Estonian Drink CultureThis museum showcases the historic Luscher & Matiesen Distillery as well as the history of Estonian alcohol production.
Old Town
Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin (Dome Church's) TowerMuseums & Sights
Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin (Dome Church's) Tower
Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin (Dome Church's) TowerVisitors can climb the 69 meter Baroque bell- tower of this famous, medieval church for amazing views of the city.
Old Town
Bastion PassagesMuseums & Sights
Bastion Passages
Bastion PassagesTour the 1670s-era military tunnels that run beneath Toompea to learn their fascinating history and view Tallinn from below. Tours are held Tuesday to Sunday and can be booked at the Kiek in de Kök tower and museum (+3726446686).
Old Town
Audioguide at the Tallinn City MuseumMuseums & Sights
Audioguide at the Tallinn City Museum
Audioguide at the Tallinn City MuseumThe same type of convenient, self-guided audio tour that introduces visitors to Old Town is also available in Tallinn City Museum.
City Centre
Estonian Theatre and Music MuseumMuseums & Sights
Estonian Theatre and Music Museum
Estonian Theatre and Music MuseumYou don’t have to have an ear for Bach to appreciate the curiosities on display in the Theatre and Music Museum.
Old Town
Kadriorg Palace - Kadriorg Art MuseumMuseums & Sights
Kadriorg Palace - Kadriorg Art Museum
Kadriorg Palace - Kadriorg Art MuseumThis grand, baroque palace built for Peter the Great in 1718 now houses the Art Museum of Estonia's foreign collection.
Kadriorg Children's Museum MiiamillaMuseums & Sights
Kadriorg Children's Museum Miiamilla
Kadriorg Children's Museum MiiamillaBuilt in a 1930s-era recreational centre in Kadriorg Park, this museum offers fun, creative activities for 3 to 11 year-olds.
Audioguide and E-Book for DownloadDiscounted tours
Audioguide and E-Book for Download
Audioguide and E-Book for DownloadJust download the file and use your own iPhone, Android, iPad or other tablet to take this fascinating tour of Old Town.
City Centre
Bicycle Welcome Tour of TallinnDiscounted tours
Bicycle Welcome Tour of Tallinn
Bicycle Welcome Tour of TallinnCycle round Tallinn to reach the truly scenic spots little outside of the Old Town and city centre.
Sailing tour in Tallinn BayDiscounted tours
Sailing tour in Tallinn Bay
Sailing tour in Tallinn BayTake a yacht trip around Tallinn Bay, and see the best views of the city as you anjoy a breath of fresh air in the evening.
Steamboat Katharina's Voyage to NaissaarDiscounted tours
Steamboat Katharina's Voyage to Naissaar
Steamboat Katharina's Voyage to NaissaarA classic steamer takes you to the island of Naissaar to explore its nature, beautiful beaches and old military installations.
Tallinn surroundings
Bicycle rentalTransport
Bicycle rental
Bicycle rentalRoad bikes, mountain bikes, tandem bikes, city bikes and children's bikes can be rented from City Bike.
Spot Restaurants & Cafés
Spot The menu of this centrally located restaurant is rich in grilled delicacies in its entrees as well as main dishes selection.
Old Town
MaikrahvRestaurants & Cafés
MaikrahvMaikrahv, built in a 15th-century town house, offers an inviting, medieval atmosphere and a selective array of international cuisine.
Old Town
Kehrwieder ChocolaterieRestaurants & Cafés
Kehrwieder Chocolaterie
Kehrwieder ChocolaterieOne of the city's most unforgettable cafés makes its home right on Town Hall Square, in a cave-like warren of rooms and offers a variety of gourmet coffees, teas and handmade truffles.
Old Town
Cantina CarrambaRestaurants & Cafés
Cantina Carramba
Cantina CarrambaA pleasant and stylish restaurant, which is located in Kadriorg, offers spicy Mexican dishes, as well as Mexican beer and wine.
Tallinn Tourist Information CentreInformation
Tallinn Tourist Information Centre
Tallinn Tourist Information CentreStrategically located in the heart of Old Town, the information centre is the one-stop-shop for everything a visitor needs to know about Tallinn, from hotel and transportation tips to sightseeing suggestions and concert schedules.
Old Town
Petersburg CardSpecial offers
Petersburg Card
Petersburg CardThis tourist smart card comes with free entry to 40 top museums, numerous tours, a transport e-purse with 2 free trips as well as special offers/discounts on accommodation, dining and tourist services.
Estonian National OperaEntertainment
Estonian National Opera
Estonian National OperaThis early 20th century neo-classical building has seen star performances in the arts from opera/ ballet to concerts from all over the world.
City Centre
Nu NordikShops
Nu Nordik
Nu NordikNu Nordik is the only shop in the world dedicated to cutting-edge Estonian design.
City Centre
Club HollywoodEntertainment
Club Hollywood
Club HollywoodOne of the hottest nightclubs in Tallinn, Hollywood is always popular, packed and pulsing with energy.
Old Town
Tallinn LegendsEntertainment
Tallinn Legends
Tallinn LegendsThe Tallinn Legends attraction combines the city’s long history with brilliant acting and state-of-the-art special effects.
Old Town
Harju Ice RinkEntertainment
Harju Ice Rink
Harju Ice RinkSkating in the Old Town's (Harju street) outdoor ice rink is a great way to warm up in winter.
Old Town
Tallinn City TourOne free tour of your choice with Tallinn Card PLUS
Tallinn City Tour
Tallinn City TourThere is much more in Tallinn than just the Old Town. Explore the many faces of Tallinn with easy hop-on, hop-off buses. Three tours explore; city centre and nearby residential areas, Pirita district and Rocca al Mare area.
City Centre
St. Bridget's Convent ruinsMuseums & Sights
St. Bridget's Convent ruins
St. Bridget's Convent ruinsFor a unique, historic experience, explore the eerily beautiful ruins of St. Bridget's, a medieval convent destroyed in 1577.
Tallinn Town WallMuseums & Sights
Tallinn Town Wall
Tallinn Town WallVisit this portion of the wall connecting Nunna, Sauna and Kuldjala towers to imagine guarding the town against medieval invaders.
Old Town
A. H. Tammsaare MuseumMuseums & Sights
A. H. Tammsaare Museum
A. H. Tammsaare MuseumThe life and work of Estonia's best-loved writer, Anton Hansen-Tammsaare, are chronicled here in his restored, 1930s home.
NUKU Museum for Puppet ArtsMuseums & Sights
NUKU Museum for Puppet Arts
NUKU Museum for Puppet ArtsNUKU invites visitors of all ages to come and discover the magical world of the theatre.
Old Town
Tallinn City MuseumMuseums & Sights
Tallinn City Museum
Tallinn City MuseumHoused in a 14th century merchant house, this comprehensive museum provides an excellent introduction to Tallinn’s history.
Old Town
Marzipan roomMuseums & Sights
Marzipan room
Marzipan roomSee nearly 200 intricate, marzipan figurines and watch Tallinn's favourite sweet being made in this historic shop-museum-café.
Old Town
Tallinn Town HallMuseums & Sights
Tallinn Town Hall
Tallinn Town HallNothing says power like the impressive, Gothic Town Hall that dominates medieval Tallinn's main square.
Old Town
Estonian History Museum - Maarjamäe StablesMuseums & Sights
Estonian History Museum - Maarjamäe Stables
Estonian History Museum - Maarjamäe StablesThe stables at the former sugar factory in the grounds of Maarjamäe Castle are home to an exhibition and teaching space and the working rooms of the museum’s curators.
Town Council Prison - Museum of PhotographyMuseums & Sights
Town Council Prison - Museum of Photography
Town Council Prison - Museum of PhotographyAntique cameras, old photos and even a re-created early 20th-century darkroom can be viewed in the Town Council’s former prison.
Old Town
Museum of Estonian ArchitectureMuseums & Sights
Museum of Estonian Architecture
Museum of Estonian ArchitectureEstonian architecture through the ages is fittingly presented in a grand, limestone structure in the Rotermann district.
City Centre
St. Olav’s Church and TowerMuseums & Sights
St. Olav’s Church and Tower
St. Olav’s Church and TowerMake the vigorous climb to the top of Tallinn's iconic, Gothic church, once the tallest building in the world.
Old Town
Epping TowerMuseums & Sights
Epping Tower
Epping TowerMedieval arms and armour are the focus of the kid-friendly, hands-on displays in this 15th century tower.
Old Town
Maiden's TowerMuseums & Sights
Maiden's Tower
Maiden's TowerExplore this sturdy, 14th-century tower, sip coffee in its swank café or walk along the Town Wall for some amazing views.
Old Town
Niguliste Museum (St. Nicholas' Church)Museums & Sights
Niguliste Museum (St. Nicholas' Church)
Niguliste Museum (St. Nicholas' Church)Exquisite altarpieces, medieval burial slabs and other works of religious art can be seen in this 1230-era church-turned-museum.
Old Town
Hellemann Tower and Town WallMuseums & Sights
Hellemann Tower and Town Wall
Hellemann Tower and Town WallClimb this 14th-century tower and stroll atop its 200m stretch of Town Wall for fantastic views of Tallinn's medieval defences.
Old Town
Estonian Maritime Museum – Fat Margaret's TowerMuseums & Sights
Estonian Maritime Museum – Fat Margaret's Tower
Estonian Maritime Museum – Fat Margaret's TowerThis museum dedicated to all sea-faring aspects of Estonia’s history is housed in one of Tallinn's fattest cannon towers.
Old Town
Adamson-Eric MuseumMuseums & Sights
Adamson-Eric Museum
Adamson-Eric MuseumThe vibrant works of Adamson-Eric, one of the most versatile Estonian artists of the 20th century, live in this curious museum.
Old Town
Estonian Museum of Applied Art and DesignMuseums & Sights
Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
Estonian Museum of Applied Art and DesignThe country’s most impressive works of applied art from the early 1900s to today can be seen here in Old Town's former granary.
Old Town
Energy Discovery CentreMuseums & Sights
Energy Discovery Centre
Energy Discovery CentreThere’s lightning in the air at the 100-year-old power plant and modern science centre in the heart of Tallinn. Energy Discovery Centre features daily lightning shows unique in Northern Europe, static electricity demonstrations, over 100 hands-on exhibits, and Planetarium screenings. Energy Discovery Centre is closed 28.-29.09.17.
Peter the Great House MuseumMuseums & Sights
Peter the Great House Museum
Peter the Great House MuseumPeter the Great House Museum is the oldest museum in Tallinn, which was opened in 1806 on the orders of Russian emperor Alexander I.
Estonian Health Care MuseumMuseums & Sights
Estonian Health Care Museum
Estonian Health Care MuseumAt this cutting-edge museum you'll get the full tour of the human body inside and out, and learn about the medicine of the past.
Old Town
Kumu Art MuseumMuseums & Sights
Kumu Art Museum
Kumu Art MuseumBy far the nation's largest and most cutting-edge art museum, Kumu displays Estonian-created works from the 18th-21st centuries.
Estonian History Museum - Great Guild HallMuseums & Sights
Estonian History Museum - Great Guild Hall
Estonian History Museum - Great Guild HallFilms and hands-on displays at this extensive museum show how Estonian-dwellers lived, fought and survived through 11,000 years.
Old Town
Holy Spirit ChurchMuseums & Sights
Holy Spirit Church
Holy Spirit ChurchThe 14th-century Holy Spirit Church is a spectacular structure inside and out, from its wood interior to elaborate façade clock.
Old Town
Public TransportTransport
Public Transport
Public TransportTallinn Card allows unlimited FREE transport on Tallinn's buses (up to No 73), trolleys, and trams.
Audioguide Tallinn Old Town Walking TourDiscounted tours
Audioguide Tallinn Old Town Walking Tour
Audioguide Tallinn Old Town Walking TourWhy not D-I-Y with the help of an Audioguide device. The guide provides fascinating, narrated insights into history and culture of the Medieval Old Town as you wander round.
Old Town
CitySightseeing Tallinn – Open Top TourDiscounted tours
CitySightseeing Tallinn – Open Top Tour
CitySightseeing Tallinn – Open Top TourOpen top bus ensures that you have an unrivalled view of Tallinn and the best photo opportunities during the hop-on, hop-off tour focusing on central city, Pirita area and Rocca al Mare district. 
City Centre
Seamboat Katharina's Old Harbour CruiseDiscounted tours
Seamboat Katharina's Old Harbour Cruise
Seamboat Katharina's Old Harbour CruiseYou'll enjoy great views of harbour sights and the Old Town skyline on this cruise aboard the charming, Norwegian-built Katharina.
Tallinn Audioguide Tour on the iPodDiscounted tours
Tallinn Audioguide Tour on the iPod
Tallinn Audioguide Tour on the iPodThe iPod tour to Medieval Old Town entertains and surprises with the colourful history of Estonia, its traditions and customs mixed with ghost stories, legends and jokes. 
City Centre
PeppersackRestaurants & Cafés
PeppersackA medieval-themed restaurant in Old Town offers an opportunity to enjoy hearty meals, sample fine drinks and witness the swordfight (every evening at 8 pm) in the lively, historic ambience.
Old Town
Café MaiasmokkRestaurants & Cafés
Café Maiasmokk
Café MaiasmokkTallinn’s oldest café still retains its amazing, pre-war interior and offers tempting cakes, pastries, coffee and other treats. Free coffee or tea in upstairs café with Tallinn Card.
Old Town
Scheeli RestoranRestaurants & Cafés
Scheeli Restoran
Scheeli RestoranThe romantic Art Nouveau-styled Scheeli Restaurant is a true pearl from the 1920s in Tallinn's Old Town.
Old Town
Grillhaus DaubeRestaurants & Cafés
Grillhaus Daube
Grillhaus DaubeTasty barbecued dishes and friendly waitresses are the forte at this comfortable, Old Town restaurant.
Old Town
KaerajaanRestaurants & Cafés
KaerajaanAn off-beat interior and inventive dishes make Kaerajaan a great place to experience a modern take on Estonian cuisine.
Old Town
Helsinki CardSpecial offers
Helsinki Card
Helsinki CardThe popular Helsinki Card offers unlimited travel on public transport in Helsinki, free admission to museums and sights, discounts for dining, excursions and shopping and more.
Boat rental on Pirita riverEntertainment
Boat rental on Pirita river
Boat rental on Pirita riverA boat, two oars and some good company are all you need for a romantic row around the winding Pirita river, and this waterside enterprise can supply the first two.
Eesti KontsertEntertainment
Eesti Kontsert
Eesti KontsertEstonia's main concert agency, Eesti Kontsert, organizes hundreds of performances each year, from symphonic and chamber music concerts to contemporary music and jazz.
City Centre
The Russian Theatre of EstoniaMuseums & Sights
The Russian Theatre of Estonia
The Russian Theatre of EstoniaExperience the gilded opulence of this legendary theatre. Russian and Western, modern and classic, all performances can be found.
City Centre
RewillThis shop is an excellent place to find genuine Estonian handicrafts.
Old Town
Pirita SPA HotelEntertainment
Pirita SPA Hotel
Pirita SPA HotelPirita SPA Hotel, a seaside hotel and SPA complex with unique architecture, is an ideal place to relax, leave your tensions behind and restore your body’s natural equilibrium.
Aqua SpaEntertainment
Aqua Spa
Aqua SpaLocated next to the passenger port, this spa hotel has all the latest treatments on its menu, along with its unique couples and young family friendly Aqua spa.
City Centre
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