VIII International Exhibition-Festival of Art Dolls “NukuKunst.”

    At the “NukuKunst” exhibition, one can experience the creative work of doll artists from Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Holland and other countries.
    Along with modern art dolls, vintage teddy bears, handmade souvenirs and other applied art objects, as well as various art materials are also present at the “NukuKunst”exhibition.
    The exhibition offers various workshops, which are interesting for both adults and children, for artists and aspiring authors and, of course, for those who come into contact with the wonderful world of art dolls and toys for the first time.
    The “NukuKunst” exhibition is a charitable project – all revenue from the sale of tickets and the activities undertaken within the framework of the exhibition shall be transferred to the Tallinn Children's Hospital Support Foundation.
    Exhibition schedule:
    May 16 (Saturday)     11.00 - 20.00
    May 17 (Sunday)        10.00 - 19.00
    Admission tickets:
    Full ticket                    5 euros
    Special Rate ticket      3 euros
    Family ticket               8 euros
    Children under 7 years - free of charge