“Decrepitude of the old year”Adriano Banchieri

    Decrepitude of the old year”Adriano Banchieri. La Pazzia SenileHortus MusicusHelen Lokuta (mezzo soprano, Estonian National Opera)Triin Ella (mezzo soprano, Estonian National Opera)Stage design and costumes Riina VanhanenArtistic director Andres Mustonen The madrigal comedy “La Pazzia Senile" created by Adriano Banchieri at the end of 1987 features typical comedy dell'arte characters, such as the old merchant Pantalone, the talkative Dottore Graziano, and not a particularly clever servant, Burattino, as well as a young lovers Doralice and Fulvio, and Lauretta trying to dominate over everybody. Costumes authentic to the period, pantomime, dance, and Estonian translation. A wonderful way to take a glance at the past year, and not in the most serious way.

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