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    Tallinn Town Hall Square

    Picturesque Town Hall Square has been the undisputed hub of Old Town for the last eight centuries.

    Surrounded by elaborate merchant houses and, in summer, packed with café tables, it's a natural magnet for tourists.

    Historically it served as a market and meeting place, and was the site of at least one execution (resulting from a dispute over a bad omelette). Find the round stone marked with a compass rose in the middle of the square. From this spot, with a little stretching and bending, you can see the tops all five of Old Town's spires.

    Today, the square remains the social heart of the city, a venue for open-air concerts, handicraft fairs and medieval markets. Each winter it's home to the town's Christmas tree – a tradition that stretches back to 1441 – and a buzzing Christmas Market. In spring it hosts the Old Town Days festival, a modern version of a medieval carnival, where traditions from the Middle Ages are kept alive.

    Notable buildings around the square include the Town Hall with its tower and the Town Hall Pharmacy.


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    • Very historic,beautiful,clean and less crowded place.

      tripadvisor rating 5 of 5
      April 4, 2022 By jobirhon

      Place is very beautiful and historic, clean and less crowded. There are a lot of restaurants and bars where you can have national meal and drinks.

    • beautiful centre with nice restaurant

      tripadvisor rating 4 of 5
      January 13, 2022 By juergenp1957

      in very good shape top capital of Baltic countries ! historical shows the connection to "Hansa towns" - just easy to spend one week there and discover the details.... Read more comments

    • sometimes there are events and protest happening there.

      tripadvisor rating 5 of 5
      October 26, 2021 By blank5es3

      its actually such an amazing place, so many different food places and beautiful architecture. I have also seen beautiful events happening there.