Going out

    Cafés in Tallinn

    The first known café in Tallinn was opened in 1702 on the Town Hall Square, and the Old Town has been the centre of the city’s long-standing café culture ever since. From Maiasmokk, the oldest café in Tallinn dating back to 1864, and the hidden café in the romantic Masters’ Courtyard, to the first locations of local chains Reval and Kehrwieder, many excellent establishments can be found in the Old Town. In addition to cafés that offer traditional cakes, there are also cafés specialising in pancakes, doughnuts, pie, ice cream, chocolate, marzipan, and cupcakes. You name it, and there’s probably a café for it! 

    Cafés can be found in every district of Tallinn and in diverse places: pottery houses and museums, basements and rooftops, in courtyards and by the sea. Cafés have also appeared in bookstores, as coffee and books are the perfect combination. All cafés in Tallinn are family-friendly and often also dog-friendly. The cat café, where cats keep you company as you sip a beverage of your choice, is definitely one of the most unique cafés in Tallinn. In summer, when cafés open their terraces, Tallinn becomes one large outdoor café. Open air cafés are a hallmark of festivals held in various districts of Tallinn, such as the Uue Maailma and Kalamaja street festivals.