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Photo by: Toomas Volmer

Photo by: Madis Plam

Photo by: Kristjan Mändmaa

Photo by: Gen Vagula

TOP 15 Seaside viewpoints

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Tallinn is a seaside city with plenty of opportunities to literally dip your toes into the Baltic Sea. 

Estonia's capital city Tallinn sits comfortably on the coast of the Baltic Sea that connects us with other seafaring countries like Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Russia, Germany, Denmark and Poland. 
There are rumours that you can see the coast of Finland on a clear day from the top of the Tallinn TV Tower. But more realistically there are plenty of opportunities to get close-up scenic seaside views on the ground and right from the city centre. Here is a list of places where you can soak up the fresh coastal breeze and get stunning panoramic photos. 

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