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Photo by: Tallinna loomaaed

Photo by: Tallinna loomaaed

Photo by: Tallinna loomaaed

Photo by: Tallinna loomaaed

Tallinn Zoo – also exciting during the winter!

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Almost in the middle of Tallinn is an 89-hectare wood named Veskimetsa, where Tallinn Zoo with its 500 species of animals resides. If you think that winter is not a suitable time to visit the zoo, you're wrong – there is always someone on the move out of the 10,000 animals in the zoo, always someone to see and someone to talk to. Not to mention that some species turn all fat and furry in the winter, and really become a sight to behold! The zoo does not rest; curious guests are welcome every day all year round, so you can pay a visit even at Christmas time or on 31 December. Six days a week, with the exception of Monday, the tropics and elephant house is also open, its 28 degree atmosphere nice and warm for the guests as well as the monkeys. The Children's Zoo located in the Environmental Education Centre is also warm and under a roof, and it is open every day.

The Siberian tiger, polar bears, buffalo and snow leopards are enjoying the winter in their outdoor pens. The predatory birds are also more active than in the summer - for some species of eagles, this is the time for building nests. The snow is also a nice change for the rhinos and elephants of the zoo, who never see the snow in their natural home - a short surprise trip on the white snow is a sight to remember for guests as well. The Japanese macaques are accustomed to the cold at home and in the zoo, and the snow only makes them happy. 

The Amur leopards – of which only 60 still exist in the wild, meaning they are an extremely endangered species likely to go extinct in nature – feel quite comfortable in Tallinn. They have cubs often and are very active and playful in the winter. If you don't have time to go to the zoo yourself, you can still keep an eye on what's going on – there are webcams showing several species at

The activities of the pets and domestic animals in the Children's Zoo are especially popular in the winter. Visitors can watch the everyday life of goats, rabbits, rats, hens, alpacas and more in the barn of the nature school. Schoolchildren with a deeper interest can participate in the nature workshops.

Admission to the zoo is cheaper in the winter than it is in high season. The zoo opens at 9 every morning and the ticket booth closes at 15. The tropics house and Children's Zoo remain open until 16, and the zoo closes its gates at 17. There is also a café in the Environmental Education Centre offering food and refreshments. 

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