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TOP 10 Tallinn Card attractions

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By  •  11.07.2019

Tallinn Card is an all-in-one sightseeing card that grants free access to more than 40 museums and sights, free public transport, and over 30 special offers for tours, entertainment, restaurants and shops.
Picking only the top 10 from the best museums and attractions in Tallinn is a difficult task, which is why we have let the users of Tallinn Card decide. 
We have gathered the data of last year’s visits and compiled a list of 10 places that were visited the most with Tallinn Card.

The Tallinn Card TOP10 clearly shows that the users of the card prefer to enjoy Tallinn from heights. The top 10 includes the Tallinn TV Tower in Pirita, as well as the tower of the Dome Church in the Old Town.

In addition to churches that have opened their towers to visitors, the Holy Spirit Church and St. Nicholas’ Church, which houses the Niguliste Museum, a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia exhibiting ecclesiastical art from the Medieval and Early Modern periods, are popular among Tallinn Card users, as well.

The Art Museum of Estonia, celebrating its centenary this year, is represented in the top ten by another two of its branches – the Kadriorg Art Museum, which introduces foreign art to its visitors in Kadriorg Palace, and Kumu Art Museum - the largest and most cutting-edge art museum in Estonia.

The City of Tallinn celebrates its 800th anniversary this year. Tallinn boasts a diverse selection of museums that display and preserve historical heritage and tell stories from the distant as well as from the recent past, which many of us still remember well. The most popular museums are the Seaplane Harbour of the Estonian Maritime Museum, which presents Estonian maritime history, the Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum, which can be explored both underground and above ground, the KGB Prison Cells, where every inch speaks of the crimes against humanity that were committed there and the horror of totalitarian regimes, and the Estonian History Museum - Great Guild Hall, where stories about Estonia’s colourful history through millennia are told.

We highly recommend you to check out other Tallinn Card offers as well, because there are many more exciting places to visit in Tallinn, such as new museums and exhibitions that are not included in this list but could be included in the top ten the next year.

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