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Photo by: Krõõt Tarkmeel

Tallinn Card recommends – where to go and what to do in Tallinn

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By  •  15.08.2019

Tallinn Card is an all-in-one sightseeing card that grants you free entrance to top 40 museums and sights, a free ride with public transport, discounts for tours, entertainment, restaurants and stores. Here you will find monthly recommendations by the Tallinn Card team for exciting attractions and activities.

Tallinn Card is happy to announce that since July two new and very exciting sights have joined us – the House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads, where so far individual visitors haven’t been allowed and even now visits are only possible for the Tallinn Card holders, and the Patarei Prison exhibition area, with authentic prison cells, the execution room, halls, prison yard with the prisoners’ walking area, and much more. Besides the new places, our other partners also offer a lot of interesting things to discover. Here are just some of the exciting sights to see in Tallinn in August. 

Free with Tallinn Card:

The House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads 

The House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads is one of the few remaining examples of renaissance architecture in Tallinn. The House brought together young, unmarried merchants and their name comes from the patron saint St Mauritius, who according to legend was a black man from Africa. His head is also on the crest of the brotherhood. They were known as the elite of the city, and they kept up this reputation not only with their wealth but also their chivalrous manners and bravery. The building was a place for the brotherhood (later club) to meet until summer 1940. In their halls with wonderful acoustics concerts and many other events are organised. Entrance to the House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads is free of charge with the Tallinn Card. 

Patarei Prison exhibition area 

May saw the opening of an exhibition area in Patarei prison titled “Communism is a Prison”, which talks about the ideology and crimes of communism. The prison, which was closed to the public for a long time, now has an exhibition area of nearly 1200 square metres in the east wing of the building, where the prison interior remains authentic and untouched, as do the walking pens for prisoners outside. The exhibition is an overview of the communist ideology and their crimes in Estonia and elsewhere. The exhibition also includes rare photographs taken by imprisoned Jewish artist Solomon Gershov of the Gulag, the harsh daily life of prisoners in the occupation era Patarei Prison, and the history of the Patarei Prison since its establishment in the 19th century. The authentic rooms of the Patarei Prison, among them the execution room, tell a story all on their own. 

Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom 

The exhibition of the Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom is divided into five parts that take you on a journey from occupations to freedom. The visitor is taken on a voyage of thought on the importance and vulnerability of freedom. The way there is led by an e-guide that speaks seven languages (including English). As a special exhibit, Vabamu is opening an experience exhibit at the Telliskivi Creative Hub to commemorate the Baltic Way on 23 August – the day when 30 years pass since nearly two million people from three Baltic States came to the streets to form the 600 km long Baltic Way. By linking hands, they expressed their common desire to be free. Entry to the Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom is free of charge with the Tallinn Card, the ticket to the “Baltic Way 30” exhibition at the Telliskivi Creative Hub costs 4 €. 

KGB prison cells 

In Old Town Tallinn, during the Soviet occupation the basement of the Pagari Street 1 building housed one of the most notorious and feared jails. The cells on Pagari Street are silent and direct witnesses, where each pore in the wall tells the story of the gross violations of human rights and the crimes of an inhumane regime that took place there. The visitors can see the cellar with its two hallways, six cells and one solitary confinement unit. The cells have been preserved and opened for viewing in their original state. From July to the end of August, regular tours are organised in the cells on Wednesday at 2 pm in English. The price per visitor for the one hour tour is 8 €. Individual visits are free of charge with the Tallinn Card!

The Luscher & Matiesen Museum of Estonian Drink Culture 

Built in 1929, the Tiesenhausen house on the slope of Dome Hill used to house one of the largest distilleries in Estonia, which is now opened to the public as the Luscher & Matiesen Museum of Estonian Drink Culture. Here you can find out about the distillery, the history of alcohol production in Estonia, and purchase wine to take along with you. In addition to free entry, with the Tallinn Card you also get a free wine tasting of two wines. 

Discounts with Tallinn Card:

Russian language walking tour of the Old Town 

During the two hour Russian language walking tour of the Old Town, the guide will lead you through the upper and lower parts of the Old Town, show you the most important sights and tell you about the history of Tallinn. The tour is 50% off with the Tallinn Card.


The restaurant Platz, located in the centre of Tallinn in the modern Rotermann quarter, offers a diverse menu that also offers options for vegetarians and those with gluten or lactose intolerance. Platz is a suitable place for either a quick lunch or a multi-course dinner, for visiting with the family or having wine with a group of friends. With the Tallinn Card you get 10% off the check. 

This should give you days worth of activities on your visit to Tallinn, but remember to check out all Tallinn Card offers!

Regardless of when you are coming to Tallinn, remember to buy your own Tallinn Card from our online shop!

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