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Photo by: Krõõt Tarkmeel

Tallinn Card recommends – where to go and what to do in Tallinn

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By  •  30.04.2019

Tallinn Card is an all-in-one sightseeing card that grants you free entrance to top 40 museums and sights, a free ride with public transport, discounts for tours, entertainment, restaurants and stores. Here you will find monthly recommendations by the Tallinn Card team for exciting attractions and activities.

Tallinn will host a number of exciting events during the month of May, such as the City Day of Tallinn, the Museum Night and the Tallinn Old Town Days. In addition, museums will switch to the summertime schedule, which means that the opening times will be longer and there will be more time to visit. This month we recommend interesting museums, new exhibits and the scenic district of Pirita for a nice early summer walk. In addition, we will shed light on something completely new and unique, which is also subject to a discount with the Tallinn Card. Keep reading to find out what it is! 

Free entry with the Tallinn Card:

Tallinn City Museum

The Tallinn City Museum encompasses the history of Tallinn from prehistoric times to Estonia regaining its independence. This year a number of thematic exhibitions will celebrate the 800th birthday of Tallinn. The exhibition “FROM STRONGHOLD TO TOWN. The birth of the Danish town 800 years ago” will open on May 15th at the Tallinn City Museum’s merchant’s house.  The largest part of the exhibition – establishing the city – focuses on the formation of the city of Tallinn. Within two or three generations a city was erected on the territory of the current Tallinn Old Town, traces of which can still be seen when walking around within the city walls.

NUKU Museum of Puppet Arts

The NUKU Museum of Puppet Arts was created out of a need and a wish to find a place where to store and display puppets that have reached the end of their stage career. At the museum, the puppets are waiting for you to come experience the wonderful world of theatre. The museum is interactive and has exciting technical features for the entire family. Find out about the history of puppetry, see famous puppet actors from Estonia as well as abroad. The festival NuQ Treff will also take place in May, and at the centre of the festival is theatre, telling stories through visual imagery and searching for new ways of output for content. (NuQ Treff tickets are not part of the Tallinn Card offer).

Mikkel Museum

The Mikkel Museum is the only museum of foreign art in Estonia based entirely on a donation from a private collector. Johannes Mikkel’s collection of 16th to 20th century Western European, Russian, Chinese and Estonian art, compiled entirely in Soviet Estonia after the Second World War is a shining example of an art collector’s desire to maintain old European traditional values despite Soviet ideology.
In the spring, an exhibition was opened at the museum showcasing the founding father of Georgian art and the symbol of their national identity – Niko Pirosmani. The exhibition covers all important thematic areas of his art. Most of the exhibited paintings belong to the permanent exhibition of the Mirzaan museum, and they haven’t been exhibited outside the museum before. This is a unique opportunity to experience these paintings in Estonia. The exhibition will be open until the 11 August 2019. 

Tallinn Botanic Garden

Starting in May, the Botanic Garden is in summer mode – the sun is warm and the first spring flowers have blossomed in the garden. During the now extended hours, the Botanical Garden invites you to come take a walk and enjoy the blooming season in the beautiful nature of the ancient valley of the Pirita River. The May stars at the Botanical Garden are tulips and other springtime bulbous flowers. The collection at the Botanical garden includes various fritillarias, grass lilies, dogtooth violets, grape hyacinths, wood anemones, and other bulbous flowers. 

St. Bridget's Convent ruins

While in Pirita, it is also worth taking the time to visit the St. Bridget’s Convent ruins, which date back to 1407, when the then largest convent in Old Livonia was established. The convent was named after St. Bridget and remained in its original form until 1577. 
The massive façade of the main building, as well as its walls, cellars and cemetery still remain. The park around the ruins is a lovely and peaceful place for taking a walk and a beautiful place for taking great photographs. In the summer, the ruins are also used as a venue for concerts. For example, at the end of August, the Birgitta Festival will be held there. 

Discounts with the Tallinn Card:

TopGun shooting range

For those chasing adrenaline, the TopGun shooting range in Pirita is for you. The arsenal at TopGun includes various weapons ranging from .22LR calibre up to 50 AE, by manufacturers such as Smith&Wesson, Ruger, Heckler&Koch, Glock, Magnum Research and many others. With the Tallinn Card, the 6 Gun, 8 Gun and 10 Gun deals are 30% off!

Skywheel of Tallinn – NEW!

You can see a totally new view of Tallinn from the newly opened Skywheel of Tallinn on the roof of T1 Mall of Tallinn. The ferris wheel offers a magnificent view of the city thanks to its clever location: the diameter of the wheel itself is 45 metres, however, the mall itself adds another 35 metres, and the elevated Sossi hill location another 40 metres. That means the ferris wheel sits at 120 metres above sea level, which makes it the second highest viewing platform in Tallinn after the TV-Tower. It is also a unique technical solution in Europe – the only other locations, where you’ll find ferris wheels on rooftops is in Taiwan and Japan. With the Tallinn Card, a ride on the Skywheel is up to 50% off (depending on the time of your visit). 

This should give you a day’s worth of activities on your visit to Tallinn, but remember to check out all Tallinn Card offers!

Regardless of when you are coming to Tallinn, remember to buy your own Tallinn Card from our online shop!

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