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New with Tallinn Card in 2019

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By  •  27.06.2019

Tallinn Card never settles! Just like the city of Tallinn will never be completed, as the legends says, so is the Tallinn Card in constant look-out for new, exciting places and experiences in town.
In 2019 Tallinn Card is offering free entrance to over 40 museums and sights along with 30 discounted offers for tours, entertainment and food. 

This year’s highlights include:

  • Re-opened, renovated and better than ever museums and sights
  • Even more entertainment possibilities for both families and adrenaline junkies
  • New discount offers for restaurants and shopping 

What is new with museums and sights?

Tallinn’s museums are always bringing new and exciting exhibitions for visitors and offer experiences for both children and adults. One of the biggest changes has come from the renamed Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom, where you can follow the path from occupation to freedom. The “Freedom without Borders” exhibit takes visitors on a multi-faceted conceptual journey about how important and fragile freedom is. The visitor’s journey is led by an e-guide that speaks Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German, Spanish and French. 
With the Tallinn Card, the museum is free of charge.

A journey through time even further into the past comes from the unique Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum drawing together underground passages, defensive towers and the city walls. More specifically, the lively new visitors experience is offered by the Kiek in de Kök artillery tower connected to the museum complex, underground bastion passages together with the Carved Stone Museum and Maiden’s Tower Museum-Café, city walls and Marstal Tower and Gate Tower. The complex invites you to get to know the story of Tallinn’s development through the centuries. Every building and facility tells its own story and offers its own perspective on Tallinn’s history. 
Of course, visiting the entire museum complex is free with the Tallinn Card.

You can never get enough Medieval towers and views of the fairy-tale Old Town, meaning visitors will be delighted that the Hellemann Tower and Town Wall is open again. The 14th Century defensive tower has been used as a prison and ammunition depot, as well as a café. Nowadays the Hellemann Tower, at the end of Müürivahe street, offers an almost 200 metre walk connecting the it to the Munkadetagune Tower. 
A visit to the tower and city wall is completely free with the Tallinn Card.

Fancy some entertainment in addition to the history and Old Town? 

This year, the Tallinn Card is being supplemented with a number of different entertainment venues. We’ve added offers for families with kids, and adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers alike.

If you come to Tallinn with children, the freshly opened Super Skypark is the place to go! The Super Skypark, located in T1 Mall of Tallinn, combines a trampoline and play centre with a science centre. Super Skypark Trampoline and Play Centre is the biggest trampoline area in Europe, offering active fun and entertainment as much for adults as well as the smaller members of the family. In addition to the trampolines, there is a 10-metre high climbing area where you can hang around and let everything go. Super Skypark Hands-on Science Centre SkyLab has exciting activities for curious minds of all ages to explore, investigate, decipher, figure out and comprehend. If you find it hard in a museum because you want to use the exhibits but aren’t allowed, Skypark is just for you – here you have to  put your hands on the exhibits! 

Additionally, in Spring a ferris wheel unique in Europe was raised on the top of the building. SkyWheel of Tallinn, on the roof of T1 Mall of Tallinn, offers a view of Tallinn from a completely new perspective – 120 metres high! The ferris wheel’s gondolas are weatherproof and accessible for both wheelchairs and prams. 
From Monday to Friday between 10 and 16, the Tallinn Card gives you a 50% discount for entry to the Super Skypark and ferris wheel, during evenings and weekends there is a 10% discount. 

For adrenaline junkies and those with a steady hand and a sharp eye, the Tallinn Card has an excellent offer at the TopGun Shooting Range. There are various weapons in their arsenal, from a 22LR calibre to 50 AE and many well-known weapons manufacturers are represented such as Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Heckler & Koch, Glock, Desert Eagle and many others. To make the choice easier, variety and themed packages have been put together. 
With the Tallinn Card, there is a 30% discount to the 6GUN, 8GUN and 10GUN packages at the TopGun Shooting Range. 

Tallinn Card also has an offer for thrill-seekers from the widely popular escape room Affect Laboratories. Visitors’ intelligence, teamwork and ability to keep calm under pressure will all be tested here through experiments on several different rooms and floors. Teams of 3-5 members can visit Affect Laboratories Escape Rooms and with visits are 20% cheaper with the Tallinn Card.  

As you can see, Tallinn has a lot of things to do, but don’t forget that in addition to these new offers, the Tallinn Card already has nearly 80 great offers.

New restaurant and shopping offers with the Tallinn Card

At the end of a long and busy day, you’re definitely going to be hungry and so you need to think about where to grab some food. There are plenty of well-regarded restaurants in Tallinn offering amazing flavours without emptying your wallet. New restaurants in the Tallinn Card package are Ribe and Platz, where you can find, in addition to delicious meals, a 10% discount with the Tallinn Card.

Fancy buying a souvenir to remember Tallinn by? Muulin gifts shop is the place to head to. Here you will find a selection of organic, home-made Estonian linen for your home, a special line of children’s clothes, as well as a varied selection of Estonian souvenirs. With the Tallinn Card you get a 10% discount off purchases.

So what are you waiting for? A city full of new experiences is waiting and the Tallinn Card is the key to open the city’s museums, sights and attractions – turning Tallinn into a convenient, enjoyable and affordable place to visit.

Buy a mobile Tallinn Card from our online shop for you next visit! 

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