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Photo by: Madis Palm

Pirita – Sea adventure & Historical landmarks

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By  •  29.08.2018

With its popular beach, adventure park and yacht harbour, Pirita is Tallinn's destination for summer fun. The district, only a few kilometres from the city centre, is also one of breathtakingly beautiful nature and the refreshing scent of pine trees.

In the early 20th century, this seaside area began to develop into a destination for Sunday rides and bathing, and the sandy beach is still a huge draw whenever the weather turns warm. 

A short walk along Pirita promenade will bring you to the Estonian History Museum at Maarjamäe Palace. The exhibition “My Free Country” takes visitors on a journey spanning 100 years, from the birth of the Republic of Estonia to the modern day. Also located in Maarjamäe is Estonian Film Museum, an intriguing outdoor exhibition of Soviet monuments, a relaxation area and the recently opened Memorial to the Victims of Communism.

A quieter way to enjoy Pirita is to head across the road to the Pirita River delta, where row boats, canoes and water bicycles can be rented. This is the location of Pirita's own little piece of medieval architecture –the ruins of 15th century St. Bridget’s Convent. The convent is still active today, although it is housed in a modern building beside the ruins.

Further inland, Pirita boasts the Tallinn TV Tower, home to the highest viewing point in the country. Tallinn Botanic Garden is located nearby. Filled with rare plant species, the garden is a perfect place to go for a walk or at which to have a nice picnic outdoors in summertime. Visitors who prefer more filling meals should choose one of the many pubs and restaurants in Pirita, sea view guaranteed!

In 1980, the sailing regatta of the Moscow Olympic Games was held in Pirita, and the area was also the heart of the Olympic village. The Olympic spirit can be still felt in Pirita, as its home for one of the busiest sports centres in Tallinn (Pirita Spordikeskus), where visitors can enjoy the illuminated forest trails as well as various sporting activities like basketball, tennis, skiing, etc. Pirita also has the closest caravan parking area to the city centre. Pirita Harbour Caravan Camping is located right on the seashore, by the Pirita River, and is open during the summer season.

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