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Photo by: Maret Põldveer-Turay

Photo by: Maret Põldveer-Turay

Photo by: Mihkel Maripuu

Tallinn is a pet-friendly city

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By Krista Laanet  •  03.08.2017

Tallinn is a pet-friendly city, where many people have more than one dog. You can often see big pedigree dogs and mix-breed giants on the streets, although more and more citizens have started to prefer small-sized dogs.

When travelling to Estonia with your pet, make sure your best animal friend has all the necessary vaccinations prior to the trip. To enter Estonia, your pet will need a rabies vaccination and a complex vaccination that are valid for one year. It has to be documented in your pet’s passport along with the date and the vet’s stamp.

Pets are welcome in cafés and public places in Tallinn, and the same goes for many of the city’s hotels and spas, which gladly receive dogs. Make sure to check whether the hotel in question is allowing pets when booking a room. The rooms that welcome pets have no carpeting on the floor. It is also commonly understood that the pet is not allowed to bark or disturb in any other way other guests of the hotel while staying in the room. 

Dogs have to be on a leash when taking it for a walk. Hotels can recommend nearby green areas, as it is not customary in Estonia to allow dogs to relieve themselves on the asphalt. You should always have a dog poop bag at hand to clean up after your dog. You can dispose of the bag in a specially labelled container or a regular container. The parks that don’t allow dogs are marked with specific signs near the park entrances.

Take notice of a dog’s leash when encountering dogs on the street. If it is marked with a yellow tie, it means that the dog does not welcome interaction and it is best not to seek contact with it. There are dog walking areas established in different Tallinn districts where dogs are allowed to run freely. As a rule, you should keep an eye on how other dogs behave so that there wouldn’t be any conflicts between dogs. All dog owners have to clean up after their dog and are responsible for their dog’s actions. Check out all the dog parks from here.

There are many food spots that will welcome you and your dog when you’re out for a walk. The most popular of them is café Komeet located in Solaris Centre in Tallinn city centre, which welcomes well-mannered dogs of all sizes. When visiting cafés and restaurants with a dog, it has to be able to sit calmly on the floor, or stay in the dog carrier if it is a smaller dog.

The staff generally brings water to the dogs and place it on the floor for them. It is not customary in Estonia to offer food to dogs in a public restaurant, or let the dog sniff the dishes and bother other guests. The staff in the restaurants and other visitors are generally friendly and kind towards dogs.  While shopping centres and shops mostly allow small dogs that fit in a bag, bigger dogs are only welcome in the stores of Solaris centre of all the city’s shopping centres. However the doors of grocery shops remain closed for dogs walking on the floor, and they only allow for dogs to be carried in a bag or in their owner’s arms. Check out all the pet friendly restaurants and cafes in Tallinn from here.

Your dog has to be equipped with a muzzle when entering a bus, tram or trolleybus. The only exception is made for dogs travelling in a bag or a cage. When ordering a taxi, you have to first check with the dispatcher if the taxi driver is willing to transport your dog. Once you have the permission, you have to place a cover on the car seat for your dog to sit on. 
You can also go swimming with your dog during summertime. Make sure that your dog doesn’t drink the sea water, and wash them after a swim in the sea with clean water. As a rule, dogs are not allowed to swim in public beaches, but some beaches do allow it. There are respective signs near the road to the beach if it is forbidden to enter the beach area with dogs.

In Estonia, it is rather trendy to train dogs and practice some sports with them. There is the option to take the dog to a puppy school, develop their obedience, learn exhibition training, participate in training your dog tricks or practice agility. If you plan to stay in Estonia for a longer period, you can visit the Koerus dog sports club in Mustamäe. 
While in Tallinn and wanting to offer city spa experience also for your four-legged-friend, visit the PetCity centre. PetCity is a offers all the services that a pet owner would ever need from food to grooming and beyond. 

If you are concerned about your pet’s health, you can visit the Animal Emergency Clinic in Mustamäe that is open around the clock. 

If your dog has been attacked by another dog, or if your dog has bitten you, you should do as follows:

Try to find witnesses and have their written statements and their contact information. If possible, take a picture of the dog (and its owner) that attacked you, and call the police at 112.

Should your pet get lost, the first thing you should do is to call the animal shelter at 6314747 and tell them your name, the place where the dog was lost, the dog’s breed, colour, size and personality, and your contact information.

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