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Photo by: Renee Altrov / Eas

Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

What's new on Tallinn's restaurant scene

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It is hard to keep up with the development of Tallinn's new districts. New restaurants, cafés, and bars pop up almost daily. Here is our list of five openings in Tallinn that we are really excited about this spring. 

Noblessner – a new life for the old shipyard

Noblessner, a former submarine factory in Kalamaja, is now a trendy seaside quarter with design shops, museums and galleries. The recently-opened Kai contemporary art centre a treat for your eyes and your taste buds: it is not only an exhibition space but also home to several new restaurants serving different flavours from around the world. 

Lore Bistroo

Peetri 12

Lore or the local restaurant is a community meeting spot and an oasis for quality time with friends and family. All the dishes are for sharing, and the entire menu is inspired by the culinary travels of the bistro's team members, led by head chef Janno Lepik and sommelier Kristjan Peäske.

Facebook: Lore Bistroo

Fotograaf: Kadi-Liis Koppel            


Peetri 12

Kampai is more than just a Japanese restaurant! - It is a tiny bit of Tokyo on the shores of Tallinn. The chef serves a selection of the best dishes from Japanese cuisine, and luckily, the staff can explain the entire menu – they know all the Japanese words!

Facebook: Kampai

Kopli – discover the hidden Tallinn!

Kopli is the Sleeping Beauty of Tallinn - not yet fully awoken but already attracting adventurous city nomads and restaurateurs. A case in point, two new restaurants have spread their wings side-by-side on Kopli Street.

Tru Kitchen

Kopli 25

Tru strives to serve delicious food that just happens to be vegetarian. The soul of the restaurant is Maru Metspalu, a designer known for her unique style. The menu is diverse, fresh, and full of exciting flavours with affordable prices. In addition to the main menu, chefs experiment daily with specials depending on the best seasonal ingredients, the chef's mood, or what can be found from the pantry.

Facebook: Tru Kitchen

Foto: Tru Kitchen


Kopli 27

Odeon is like the free-spirited Kopli cousin of the trendy bistros in the Old Town. 

The menu of the stylish Odeon surprises with exciting snacks and modern dishes. The restaurant’s head chef, Ellery Powell, is a fan of vegetarian food, wood-oven pizzas, and sharing food with the entire party. The dishes are simple by nature, made from the generous gifts of the forests, farms, rivers, and seas of the world.

Telliskivi – a small town in the city

Just like the Telliskivi Creative City has become the new centre of Tallinn, Fotografiska has become the heart of Telliskivi. It is not simply a building with changing photography exhibitions, but a meeting place for people passionate about free-thinking, art, music, and culinary experiences.

Fotografiska Tallinn Restaurant

Punane Maja, Telliskivi 60A/8

Just like an orchestra without a conductor sounds hollow, a restaurant needs a head chef's clear vision to create a symphony of flavours. At Fotografiska, the kitchen is led by the world-class chef and a promoter of sustainability in the food industry, Peeter Pihel. The restaurant works on a zero-waste mindset, based on the concept of ‘Sustainable pleasure” originating from Sweden. The focus is on food which does not only taste good but also does good for the environment. 

Fotografiska also houses a ground-level café and a rooftop bar with a gorgeous view. In addition to the main menu, you can enjoy daily specials, sumptuous Sunday brunches, and a gorgeous 12-course tasting menu on the weekends.

 Foto: Kadi-Liis Koppel                       

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