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Photo by: Kaupo Kalda

Photo by: Mait Jüriado

Photo by: Kristina Õllek

Photo by: Kaupo Kalda

Cultural highlights in 2018

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By  •  06.04.2018

Tallinn's cultural calendar has a colourful choice of events to offer all year round, from classical music concerts and medieval festivals to state-of-the-art concerts.

Tallinn is a true festival city with international high-flying events as well as cosy local community gatherings happening in various parts of the city. Regardless of the size and the nature of the event, guests are always welcome! 

The year 2018 brings a true party mood to the city, as our country celebrates its 100th birthday! While 24 February 2018 will officially mark 100 years of the Republic of Estonia, the centenary celebrations have already begun, and continue through to 2 February 2020. The EV100 calendar of events brings together details of everything taking place during the anniversary period.

The New Year usually kicks off with Bach’s music, and this year, it is followed by the ‘My Free Country’ exhibition at the Estonian History Museum. Spring brings popular music festivals like Tallinn Music Week, Estonian Music Days, and Jazzkaar. Summer is the time for themed festivals such as Tallinn Old Town Days, Tallinn Medieval Days and Tallinn Maritime Days.  However, this summer, the focus will be on Kadriorg Park, celebrating its 300th birthday in July. Our warmest season ends with the Birgitta Festival. For a few August nights, the imposing ruins of the Pirita monastery are turned into a modern amphitheatre where various genres of musical theatre are performed.

Then there are also international-level sporting events where everyone is welcome to test their stamina and see how they do compared to fellow participants. While winter coincides with the festival of extreme sports, that is Simple Session, it's autumn that really tests your stamina, with the Tallinn Marathon and various surrounding runs highlighting the city’s sights. 

Autumn is also time for harvesting, with various market days and community events taking place such as Bread Day at the Estonian Open Air Museum, and the Uue Maailma community fair. The list of best restaurants is announced just before the end of the year, and Tallinn Restaurant Week brings all the seasonal flavours together for everyone to enjoy. Autumn ends in November with the Estonia’s largest handicraft fair – St. Martin’s Day – and with the popular Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF).

Around 10 new productions are staged annually at the Estonian National Opera. In the Estonia Concert Hall, right next to the opera house, music plays almost every night, making it one of the hotspots of local music life. The most eagerly-awaited event in Tallinn is without the doubt the magical Christmas Market on the cobbled Town Hall Square. With the first snowflakes falling, this is where time stops, and there is room for reflection.  

When planning your trip, keep the events below in mind - there's bound to be one you would love to be part of. A full list of events in Tallinn can be found in the Events Calendar.

Highlight events from January until June

Highlight events from July until December

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