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Dear Madam/ Sir,

We kindly ask you to fill in the application form below in order to organise an informative and pleasant, tailor-made trip for you to Tallinn.

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Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau

Terms and Conditions

Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau is the official destination management organization. Our brand is VisitTallinn; official hashtags are #visittallinn, #mytallinn, #tallinncard
We manage various VisitTallinn social media channels and  run a high quality webpage (, promote Tallinn as a tourist destination both for leisure and business travelers, cooperate with influencers, produce different marketing and promotional materials of Tallinn, coordinate the projects related to tourism in Tallinn.

Cooperation with influencers
Goals for cooperation:
  • We are interested in sharing the views and experiences in Tallinn through the influencers’ eyes within the following themes
    • UNESCO Old Town
      • Tallinn has the best preserved medieval old town in Northern Europe, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Unique architectural buildings that are open to visitors have been preserved in the city in a complete and compact environment. Tallinn Old Town is lively and romantic, a genuine urban settlement that offers the joy of discovery to visitors of all ages to the city.
    • Historical heritage and lifestyle through centuries
      • The Middle Ages, Russian Empire and Soviet-era cultural heritage located in various urban settlements create an intangible background for the visitor that can be perceived by the senses and are solely characteristic of Tallinn.
    • Wellness
      • Beaches and promenades, parks and green areas, recreational trails and bike paths, spas, beauty and entertainment services – regardless of the time of year, visitors will find the opportunity in Tallinn for a holiday that exhilarates the body and mind.
    • Dining experiences and gourmet
      • Estonians are curious and willing to adopt new flavours and cooking techniques. Traditional, new, local and foreign are eagerly combined in both restaurants and home kitchens.
    • International events
      • In Tallinn large international events and events that keep the national traditions alive are held. The traditions have been interwoven with modern technology and are manifested in the work of designers, artists and craftspeople. Tallinn is a capital that values innovation.
  • We are interested in emphasizing 
    • Medieval architecture and ambience
    • Romantic atmosphere
    • Different historic eras
    • Museums and attractions
    • Modern lifestyle and e-Estonia
    • Design, art and handicraft
    • Fresh air and greenery
    • Variety of spas and rejuvenation opportunities
    • Compact city areas
    • Cozy, quality restaurants and cafes that provide excellent food
    • Traditional and modern highlight events
    • Activities
    • Different and unique conference venues

What we can offer:
  • Tallinn program incl. guided tour
  • Complimentary Tallinn Card that includes free public transport, free entrances to museums and attractions
  • Local contacts and meetings with people that interest you 
  • Max 3 nights’ accommodation in Tallinn

What we expect:
  • Visibility in SoMe channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) with our official hashtags #visittallinn, #mytallinn, #tallinncard and using of your host’s hashtags if possible. 
  • Blog post and/or article related to at least one (preferably more) of the abovementioned themes, linked to; we expect the blog/article to be published as soon as possible.

We hope you visit Tallinn with an open mind and use your visiting time to maximize the experience. You are most welcome to share your experiences with us and as many persons as possible in your network. We can present your blogs/vlogs/images in our channels for marketing purposes. Let our cooperation be mutually respectful!

We are looking forward to your visit!

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