Transport and parking for groups


Tour bus stopping and parking

Tour buses can stop for up to 15 minutes in the following designated areas (parking is prohibited):
  • On Falgi tee, near the Pikk Hermann tower
  • On Toompuiestee, at the beginning of Nunne Street, next to the central railway station Balti jaam
  • On Mere puiestee
Tour buses can be parked in the following parking lots: 
  • In the Rumbi Street parking lot next to Linnahall (tour buses park free of charge, ten spaces) 
  • In the Petrooleumi Street parking lot (paid parking, ten spaces)
  • At Roheline aas 24, near the Kadrioru stadium (free parking for up to 2.5 hours, five spaces)
Parking on the streets of Tallinn’s Old Town (Vanalinn), downtown (Südalinn), and the city centre (Kesklinn) generally requires a fee. There is a card payment option for parking, which is also available for foreign visitors. To use this option, download and install the PARGI.EE mobile application to your phone. The application works for both iOS and Android operating systems. The application supports debit card payments with MasterCard and Visa. The application is available in eight languages (Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, German, and French).

Public transport tickets for city visitors and groups

NB! Due to the spread of COVID-19, passengers are not allowed to enter buses and trolleybuses from the front door, and a sanitary zone will be created to protect drivers extending from the front door to the first row of seats.

A valid ticket grants the right to use the Tallinn public transport system. The same tickets can be used for trams, trolleybuses, and city buses (numbers 1–73).

Tickets purchased from a driver

Due to the spread of COVID-19, bus, tram, and trolleybus drivers in Tallinn will no longer personally sell tickets as of 12 March. 

QR tickets

A QR ticket is a machine-readable transport system ticket with a validity period of one hour that is either displayed on the screen of a mobile device or printed out. A QR ticket can be purchased either on the website or with a mobile app.  A QR ticket with a validated code grants the holder the right to ride. 
  • A QR ticket costs €1.50.
  • A QR ticket can be used to purchase up to 10 tickets per code. 
  • An unused QR ticket is valid for one year starting from the moment it is purchased.
  • A QR ticket can be validated at an a square, orange validator next to the first door of a vehicle.

Public Transport Card

Tourists can also purchase a Public Transport Card that is not personalised.

With the money deposited on the card, tickets can be purchased for up to six persons at a time. In order to do so, deposit money onto the card at a point of sale and swipe the card in front of the orange validator when entering a transport vehicle; this will automatically deduct a one-hour ticket from the card. If the card is used to buy tickets for multiple people, swipe the card, increase the number of passengers (up to five) with the arrow on the validator screen, press OK, and swipe the card in front of the validator one more time. 

Tallinn Card

Tallinn Card holders have the right to use the public transport system free of charge for the entire validity period of their card. When entering a vehicle, swipe the Tallinn Card in front of the orange validator to validate the ride.

NB! Tallinn Airport now has self-service machines where you can purchase public transport tickets.

Free public transport for participants of international events

Although Tallinn is a compact city in which you can easily walk to most destinations, the city offers organisers of international events (conferences, cultural and sports events) the chance to apply for the right to use public transport free of charge for the participants of their events.