Temporary traffic restrictions


Major roadworks during the tourism season of 2020

A brief overview of ongoing and planned maintenance and roadworks on the streets of Tallinn:
  • Construction of a bus lane on Pirita tee in the direction leaving the city centre (from the Russalka intersection to Kase tee) – roadworks during the summer.
  • Reconstruction of J. Poska Street (from Vesivärava Street to Narva maantee) – beginning of the roadworks depends on the conclusion of project documentation.
  • Reconstruction of Rannamõisa tee (from Pikaliiva Street to Lõuka Street) – roadworks during the summer.
  • Construction of a light traffic road on A. H. Tammsaare tee (from Sõpruse puiestee to Retke tee) in front of apartment buildings – construction during the summer.
  • Reconstruction of Viljandi maantee (from Liivametsa tee to Pärnu maantee) – roadworks during the summer.
  • Reconstruction of Tähetorni Street (from Kadaka puiestee to Paldiski maantee) – roadworks from January to November.
  • Construction of a light traffic road in front of Turba Street 2 – roadworks during the spring
  • Reconstruction of the Varraku overpass – roadwork during the summer.
In addition to the above-mentioned sites, pedestrians may additionally be affected by the following in the city centre:
  • Reconstruction of Pikk Street (from Olevimägi to the Great Coastal Gate) – the beginning of construction depends on the conclusion of project documentation.
  • Renovation of Roosikrantsi Street – public procurement for the work is currently being prepared for construction during the summer.

Operative information on traffic and road works

  • Immediate information on traffic – information on closed-off roads and streets, traffic rearrangement, and detour routes.  
  • Tallinn Transport Department traffic information on Facebook – the Tallinn Transport Department broadcasts authentic information on major traffic obstacles in Tallinn (traffic accidents, emergency excavation, major events, restrictions related to road works, etc.) in real-time to enable you to choose the optimal route to your destination.

Major events

At the decision of the Government of Estonia, event organizers must follow the restrictions on number of participants in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Starting from July 15, open-air events for up to 2000 participants and indoor events for up to 1500 participants are allowed.
NB! During an indoor event, a maximum of 50% of the venue’s capacity is allowed to be filled.
The decisions of the government have been made in accordance to the recommendations of the Science Council.

Traffic restrictions during public events:

Ironman Tallinn, 5-6.09.2020