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Tallinn Card recommends – where to go and what to do in Tallinn

Tallinn Card is an all-in-one sightseeing card that grants you free entrance to top 40 museums and sights, a free ride with public transport, discounts for tours, entertainment, restaurants and stores. Here you will find monthly recommendations by the Tallinn Card team for exciting attractions and activities.

Fall welcomes guests to Tallinn with colourful culture, food and sports events, such as the Tallinn Design Night Festival, the Architecture Biennale and a marathon. Inspired by these events, Tallinn Card recommends visiting museums in September that provide a look into Estonian applied arts and architecture, to visit attractions that offer athletic forms of entertainment, and buy some of the best local design to take home with you. 

Free with Tallinn Card:

House of Peter the Great

The House of Peter the Great is the oldest museum in Tallinn – opened in 1806 to the public, the summer manor from the 17th century was home to Russian czar Peter I during his visits to Tallinn. The museum exhibits genuine objects that surrounded Peter I and Catherine I during their everyday lives. The building also houses a unique collection of paintings, whose star is definitely an original portrait of czar Mikhail I Fyodorovich Romanov.  

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design 

Located in a medieval barn in Old Town Tallinn, the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design provides an overview of Estonian jewellery, textile, metal and glass arts and designs from the beginning of 20th century until present time. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there is a special exhibition on the design and history of Estonian Song Festival emblem designs that is open until 15 September. On 20 September, the museum is launching a new special exhibition called “Kuud” (moons), which takes a look at modern lighting design. 

Discounts with the Tallinn Card:

Audio guide: a walking tour with an iPod, a walking tour of the Old Town, an audio guide and e-book for downloading. 

If you want to look around the Old Town by yourself, it’s worth renting an audio guide at the Tallinn Tourism Information Centre or an iPod, which you can use to hear exciting stories about the buildings in the Old Town, as well as the medieval culture and history of Tallinn. The historical information is peppered with legends and jokes about Estonia’s colourful history. Get 50% off the price with the Tallinn Card. 
For those, who do not wish to rent the devices, a good option is downloading an audio guide and an e-book to your smart phone or tablet. The audio guide includes information about 41 sights, as well as stories about Estonia’s colourful history, traditions, as well as exciting ghost stories and legends. Get 60% off the price with the Tallinn Card!

Super Skypark trampoline and play centre and the hands-on science centre SkyLab 

If you’re visiting Tallinn with kids, Super Skypark is a good place to visit! At the T1 Mall of Tallinn, the Super Skypark includes a trampoline and play centre as well as a science centre. The Trampoline and play centre has the biggest trampoline area in Europe, offering active entertainment and the joy of playing to adults as well as the smallest members of the family. In addition to the trampolines, the centre has a 10 metre high climbing wall, where you can climb up and slide down as much as your heart desires. The Super Skypark hands-on science centre SkyLab has exciting activities for discoverers, explorers, tinkerers, sceptics, inventors and otherwise curious people of all ages. If you normally have problems at museums, say you want to touch the objects but you can’t, then SkyLab is exactly right for you – here you even have to touch all the museum objects! With the Tallinn Card, get up to 50% off the ticket price (depending on the time of the visit). 

Aqua Spa Aquatic Centre

After a long day of taking in the sights and bouncing on trampolines, we recommend relaxing at the Aqua Spa Aquatic Centre, where you can find all kinds of steam saunas, a Finnish sauna and a hammam, several pools and whirlpool baths. With the Tallinn Card, get 30% off a 2-hour visit to the pools and saunas!


The restaurant Ribe is waiting for you, with its delectable Nordic style dishes and wonderful service, honoured by many awards and recognitions throughout the years. Ribe is also among the top 25 Estonian restaurants in the Scandinavian restaurant guide “White Guide”. With the Tallinn Card get 10% off your check. 

Tallinn Design House

Tallinn Design House is an Estonian design shop in the modern Rotermanni quarter. The shop includes the best of the local design world – jewellery, fashion and leather arts, design for your home, as well as an exciting selection of books and art. 10% off with the Tallinn Card. 

This should give you a day's worth of activities on your visit to Tallinn, but remember to check out all Tallinn Card offers!

Regardless of when you are coming to Tallinn, remember to buy your own Tallinn Card from our online shop!