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Accessible city

  • Tallinn is only 85km from Helsinki. A ferry trip between the cities takes 2 hours or less.
  • Tallinn is a popular cruise ship destination, with more than 300 ships making the call here each year.
  • Tallinn's Lennart Meri International Airport is only 4.5km from the city centre. Depending on traffic a taxi ride from the airport to a downtown hotel can take as little as 10 minutes.
  • Tallinn's public tram system dates back to 1888.

Culinary arts

  • One of Estonia´s national signature dishes is Kama – finely milled flour mixture, which is usually added to kefir our other sour dairy product, sweetened with sugar and often served with berries.
  • The city's signature drink is Vana Tallinn (Old Tallinn), a sweet liqueur invented in the 1960s. With the use of natural ingredients, it presents a smooth but bitter flavor, with aromas of cinnamon, toffee, citrus and warm spices. It's usually taken straight or added to coffee.
  • Tallinn's oldest café, Maiasmokk (Sweet Tooth), has been open since 1864. This is an appropriate name for the delicious home baked goods served there. The interior décor of the café has remained unchanged for almost a century, and it even houses its own Marzipan Museum.
  • Foodies bible the White Guide Nordic listed 25 Estonian restaurants in 2016 for the first time in the appendix. The White Guide is the only authoritative restaurant guide covering the entire Nordic restaurant scene. Best restaurants in the country are also listed in the local Flavours of Estonia Restaurant Guide.

Tech-savvy and venturous

  • Estonian scientist and explorer Karl Ernst von Baer discovered the mammal egg shell in 1826.
  • The Estonia Piano Factory produces hand-built grand pianos which are known worldwide for their quality and sound. The story of Estonia piano begins in 1893 when an expert named Ernst Hiis made his first piano. In 1950 a piano factory was founded that started to produce pianos under the name “Estonia”. Nowadays the majority of Estonia pianos are sold in the United States.
  • The famous Minox camera, a mainstay of Cold-War-era spy films, was invented in Tallinn in the 1930s.
  • Tallinn is ranked among Europe's most technology oriented cities. We have more than 3000 digital solutions, like the e-government and e-voting. 99% of bank transactions here are performed online. One of Tallinn's most internationally recognized IT-solution is Skype. The company's popular Voice Over IP system was developed in Estonia.


  • Tallinn International Festival Jazzkaar is the biggest Jazz Festival in the Baltics held from 1990, bringing the biggest and most interesting findings of the world’s jazz scene to Tallinn and Estonia in April.
  • The Estonian Song and Dance Celebration, held in Tallinn every five years, assembles one of the world's largest choirs. Up to 30,000 professional choir singers typically take part.
  • Birgitta Festival in August combines the dark charm of a medieval Pirita convent in Tallinn, Estonia with the latest in modern musical theatre in all its variety and richness.
  • For several weeks each winter Tallinn's Town Hall Square is filled with an elaborate Christmas Market where visitors can buy gifts, listen to concerts, visit with Santa or drink hot, spiced wine. Records show that merchants from the Brotherhood of Black Heads guild installed a spruce on Town Hall Square in 1441, making it one of the first public Christmas trees in Europe.