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Tallinn Card is an all-inclusive city card offering the most convenient way to get acquainted with the entire town. Accepted in nearly 80 locations, it entitles free admission to more than 40 top city attractions, free public transport, a free sightseeing tour of your choice and various other offers or discounts.

Tallinn Card is available online, at the Tourist Information Centre, at the airport and port, in accommodation establishments etc. Tallinn Card can also be purchased from travel operators outside of Estonia.
  • We offer a 10% discount on Tallinn Cards for tourism professionals visiting the city. 
  • Sales partners earn a commission of 5% of the price of each Tallinn Card sold.
We are glad to receive new partners for the sale of Tallinn Card. As a Tallinn Card seller you should conclude a contract with Tallinn City Enterprise Department.
  • With foreign sellers we work on voucher basis.
  • Clients can exchange vouchers at the Tallinn Tourist Information Centre.
  • Sellers will be presented with a bill for each month's sales at the beginning of sales month to be paid within 14 days.
  • Sales' partners earn a commission of 5% of the price of each Tallinn Card sold.
  • All sales partners will be added to the Tallinn Card web site.
If you wish to take advantage of this offer, contact our Tallinn Card team. We would appreciate if you could give a short introduction of your company, including an overview of its principle goals. It would be also helpful if you could explain to whom Tallinn Card would be sold and who are your company's clients.

Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau offers a 10% discount for tourism professionals visiting Tallinn on Tallinn Cards. Discounted cards are available only at the Tallinn Tourist Information Centre (Niguliste 2).