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Tourism season

Tour bus stopping and parking 

Tour buses can stop in designated areas, where stopping is allowed for up to 15 minutes (parking is prohibited):

  • On Toompuiestee, the lane closest to the Snell pond (NEW option)
  • On Falgi tee, near the Pikk Hermann tower 
  • On Toompuiestee, at the beginning of Nunne Street, next to the central railway ctation Balti Jaam
  • On Mere puiestee
Tour buses can be parked in the following parking lots: 

  • Rumbi Street (next to Linnahall) 
  • Petrooleumi Street 
  • Roheline aas 24, near the Kadrioru stadium (free parking up to 2,5 h) 
  • At a parking lot on Neemiku Street near the Song Festival Grounds

Major roadworks during the tourism season in 2019 

The following is a brief overview of the ongoing and planned roadworks on the streets of Tallinn: 

  • Reidi Road construction (2019): on Narva maantee, for the entire duration of the construction work, Pirita tee is open with 2 lanes both ways. From April to the end of July, the Narva mnt section starting at the Russalka intersection only has one lane open each way. 
  • Due to the Reidi Road construction, the intersection of Ahtri and Jõe streets is partially closed starting 25 March, 2019. 
  • Poska St – closed to traffic from the middle of August until December 2019. 
  • Roosikrantsi St – closed to traffic from the end of May 2019 until the end of September 2019. 
  • Expansion of Lennujaama road May – August 2019. 
  • Work is ongoing on the Paldiski maantee bus lane. During this roadwork, an additional bus lane will be built for the 1,3 km section between Mõisa and Nurklik streets on the inbound direction of Paldiski mnt.
This year, the following bike paths will be built: 

  • Kloostrimetsa Road (Lükati Road - Kloostrimetsa 29), bike path 
  • Paldiski mnt (Haabersti intersection - Järveotsa Road), bike path 
  • Viljandi mnt (Pärnu mnt – Valdeku tn), bike path

Major events 

Major events that will entail changes to traffic organisation: 
More information on the ongoing traffic restritcions is available on

The trajectory between the port and the Old Town 

At the lead of the Port of Tallinn and in collaboration between different departments of the city, the goal set for this tourism season is to make the trajectory along the Kilometre of Culture from the port to the Old Town more pedestrian-friendly, to reduce the traffic burden between the port and the city. 

The vision for making the Kilometre of Culture more user friendly: temporary signs will be placed along the path between the Kilometre of Culture and the Creative Hub to direct people towards the Old Town. Benches and trash bins will be added. To make the walk more appealing, the organisers also wish to include temporary art installations along the way.

Public transport tickets for tourists and groups 

A valid ticket grants users the right to ride in the public transport system in Tallinn. The same tickets can be used for trams, trolleys and city buses (numbers 1-73). 

  • Tickets purchased from the driver 
In the Tallinn public transport system, tickets can be purchased from drivers only with cash. To purchase a ticket, enter the vehicle from the front. The rider must retain the ticket until the end of the journey. A ticket purchased from the driver does not have to be validated. The price per ticket is 2 € and it is good for one trip. 
  • QR-tickets
QR tickets are available for groups. 
A QR ticket is a machine readable transportation system ticket that is either displayed on the screen of a mobile device or printed out. A QR ticket can be purchased either on the website or using a mobile app. A validated QR code ticket grants users the right to ride. QR tickets can be registered using the bottom part of the validator located by the first door of a vehicle. 

A QR ticket costs 1 euro.
A QR ticket can be used to purchase 1-10 tickets per one code.
A QR ticket is valid for 1 year starting from the moment it is purchased. 
A QR ticket can be validated by the first door of the vehicle. 
  • Public Transport Card (Ühiskaart)
Tourists can also purchase a Public Transport Card that is not personalised. With money deposited on the card, tickets can be purchased for up to 6 persons at a time. In order to do so, money must be deposited onto the card at the point of sale and when entering the transport vehicle, swiping the card in front of the validator will automatically deduct a 1h ticket from the card. If the card is used for multiple persons, after swiping use the validator to increase the number of passengers (up to 5 more), and swipe the card in front of the validator one more time. 
  • Tallinn Card
Tallinn Card holders have the right to use the public transport system free of charge for the entire time that the card is valid. When entering the vehicle, swipe the Tallinn Card in front of the validator to validate the trip. 

More detailed information about the ticket system for tourists.

NB! At Tallinn Airport, there are now self-service machines, where public transport tickets can be purchased. 

Public restrooms 

In 2019, between 2 May and 31 October, the Municipal Engineering Services Department of the City of Tallinn will install 44 temporary restrooms in order to better serve the tourists and citizens of Tallinn. 

Cruise season

The nearly 6-month long cruise season is set to start in Tallinn once more, which will bring 339 cruise ship stops and 600 000 cruise ship tourists to Tallinn. The season lasts from 27 April to 19 October. The busiest day will be 11 July, when 6 cruise ships with 8000 passengers will be docked in Tallinn at the same time. There are more days on which there are 5 ships in dock at the same time, and on some rare days the number of cruise ship passengers in Tallinn may reach as high as 10 000.

For the expected cruise ship visits, see the schedule here.

A survey that the Tallinn Department of Tourism commissioned last year was carried out among cruise ship passengers. The results showed that nine out of ten cruise passengers was in Tallinn for the first time. The cruise passengers were very satisfied with their visit and more than half plan on returning to Tallinn for a longer stay.  


Your feedback is very much welcome! What other kinds of practical information would you like to find here, what would help you in planning your daily work?

Please send all feedback and suggestions to (Liis Läte, Tourism Development and Hospitality Manager)