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As destination experts, we are dedicated to helping you promote Tallinn as an attractive destination for leisure and business. The Visit Tallinn Media Bank contains inspiring, high-resolution photos, promotional videos, and a wide range of Tallinn tourism brochures for downloading and ordering.

Promoting Tallinn as a tourism destination

When planning your event or tour in Tallinn, we are happy to help you and your customers with both inspirational and practical information about the city. The easiest way is to refer directly to our website,, where visitors can find information about the city's public transport system, major attractions, events, activities, restaurants, and many other relevant topics in five different languages (English, Estonian, Russian, Finnish, and German).

Different search engines like Google value our website as an information source about Tallinn. Due to this, link building (linking to our website) is good both for promoting your event or service as well as the city as a tourism destination because it gives your page better search engine results.

We have put together two short presentation texts that you can use when referring to our website.

Longer text:

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, is an ideal destination if you are looking for a combination of modern comforts, a thriving culinary scene and a vibrant cultural landscape in a truly unique, historical setting: the renowned Old Town is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Each of Tallinn’s neighbourhoods has its own personality and allure, from the medieval Old Town to imperial Kadriorg, bohemian Kalamaja and the sleek and trendy city centre. This fascinating mix of the old and traditional, the new and high-tech, pure sea air and easy access to nature is sure to enchant and surprise you! 
To find out more about Tallinn’s top activities, events and places to eat and drink, check out the city’s official tourism portal,, or follow @VisitTallinn on social media.

Shorter text:

For useful advice and inspiration on Tallinn’s top attractions, activities, events, and places to eat and drink, check out the city’s official tourism portal,, or follow @VisitTallinn on social media.

If you need images about Tallinn, please feel free to use our Media Bank. In addition to hundreds of visuals and videos about the city, you will also find a custom-made selection of photos to accompany the presentation texts. The images are free to use for promotional purposes, but please mention the source and the name of the photographer.

Tallinn Old Town (source: Visit Tallinn, author: Kaupo Kalda)