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In 2018 our Convention Bureau is represented at the following international meetings industry trade shows and workshops:

14.-15. February Vilnius, Lithuania

12.-14. March Antwerp, Belgium

Business Tourism Workshop
21. March Munich, Germany

19.-20. April Tallinn, Estonia

05.-09. June Dubrovnik, Croatioa

Business Tourism Workshop
9. October Paris, France

Business Tourism Workshop
10. October Brussels, Belgium

November Warsaw, Poland

27.-29. November Barcelona, Spain

In 2017 our Convention Bureau was present at the following international meetings industry trade shows and workshops:

8.-9. February Vilnius, Lithuania

Business Tourism Workshop
28. February Paris, France

Business Tourism Workshop
21. March Tallinn, Estonia

23. March Brussels, Belgium

Business Tourism Workshop
27. April Frankfurt, Germany

2.-4. May Vienna, Austria

11.-12. May Tallinn, Estonia

16.-18. May Frankfurt, Germany

9. July - 13. July Helsinki, Finland

13. September Helsinki, Finland

Business Tourism Workshop
2. October Brussels, Belgium

22. November Warsaw, Poland

28.-30. November Barcelona, Spain

To book an appointment and for more information, please contact:
Meeli Jaaksoo
Convention Manager
Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau
Vabaduse väljak 7, 15199 Tallinn
Ph.: +372 640 4414
Fax: +372 640 4764