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Kätevä ja kohtuu hintainen. Ei tarvitse etsiä bussien aikatauluja ja ostella lippuja erikseen. (17.07.2019)


The card was a perfect way to see the city and particularly the old town, which was beautiful. Hopping on and off was very easy and convenient. Definitely would recommend this to any traveler! (17.07.2019)


Карта даёт возможность проезд в городском транспорте и я посещения множества интересных музеев бе дополнительной оплаты. Для туристов э реальная возможность экономии. (17.07.2019)


With the Tallinn Card on my mobile phone it was easy to confirm the ticket on the public transport as well as in the museums, churches and towers. We have visited more than 35 attractions in 7 days! (16.07.2019)


Edullinen, helppo hankkia. (16.07.2019)


Excellent value for money and gets you access to virtually all attractions you want to see. (15.07.2019)


Kätevä tapa tutustua kaupungin nähtävyyksiin (15.07.2019)


Great value (14.07.2019)


It s easy using (14.07.2019)


a phantastic opportunity to see a lot for small costs, even public transpost included, a lot of musea and information what to do, we enjoyed it very much (13.07.2019)


Очень удобно и выгодно если планируете насыщенную программу похода по музеям и другим достопримечательностям) (13.07.2019)


Cost effective and efficient way to plan and experience Tallinn It enable to to see more the. We would have had we purchased individual tickets. What a fantastic city. Thank you for your hospitality. (12.07.2019)


It is a great way to get to know the city. Convenient. (11.07.2019)


Gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis (10.07.2019)

Mohee Jarada 

Excellent and full featured services. Everything is online arranged and can be printed from home or used by yr mobile phone (10.07.2019)


В Таллин кард входит посещение всех интересных мест и музеев, в которые хочется сходить в Таллине + отличный бонус - проезд в городском транспорте по этой же карте. Получается очень выгодно) (10.07.2019)


Saves money. Conveniently. Expands opportunities (09.07.2019)


Это удобно и позволяет экономить достаточное количество денег. (08.07.2019)


Lohnt sich, wenn man viele Museen machen möchte. Schüler/ Studenten sollten jedoch beachten dass es überall reduzierten Eintritt gibt, so dass man fast alles in der Innenstadt machen muss, damit sich die Karte lohnt.. Manche Sachen wie zB das Museum of estonian drinking culture war ohne Ankündigung geschlossen, so dass sich Karte dann nicht gelohnt hat (da Student). (07.07.2019)


It was holiday and all museum are close. I would rather buy separate as we end up use it under value (07.07.2019)


Sämtliche Museen und Attraktionen waren geschlossen zu dem Zeitpunkt als wir da waren und es gabe darüber keine Infos darüber das sie zu haben sollten. (07.07.2019)

Jana Pánková 

It is comfortable. (07.07.2019)


За время пребывания успела толлько подняться на смотровую в цкреуи святого Олова и покататься по маршрутам двухэтажного автобуча, по сути существенно переплатила... (06.07.2019)


If you decide to buy Tallin Card it would be easier for you to get somewhere without thinking about tickets . This card includs city transport, museums and some discounts for food and entertaiments. I bought it for 72 houres . I saved a lot of money. 😃 (05.07.2019)


If, like us, you visit a couple of museums and use the city tour bus, it works out as good value, it really is about usage its good value if you plan your days around using the Tallinn card. We had two days planned using the bus to visit museums, sites and shops. (04.07.2019)


It's the greatest deal ever! You could save up to 300%. That's first. The second major reason is that Tallinn indoors is absolutely fascinating and is totally worth seeing and exploring. Not just historical sights which are fantastic but modern history as well: film museum, TV tower, submarine, navy ship, so marvellous. I was truly amazed, entertained and learnt so many new things! Great for both children and adults! (03.07.2019)


With card you can go in any corner of Tallin by city transport and visit a lot museums for free. I take a card for 3 days and visit 11 museums and use transport more then 15 times. I think that card make the vacation more interesting and give people money fredom. (03.07.2019)


Особое преимущество, что в Тallin Card (TC) так же включен и проездной на транспорт. Позволяет посетить большое колличество музеев и иных платных достопримечательностей (включенных в список ТС) (03.07.2019)