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I bought a digital Tallinn card. I used it as a transportation card. I wanted a guide to places that could be used a little more in the case of digital. Also, the web page of the transit route map was not displayed. (12.01.2020)


Tallinn has some of the best museums I’ve ever been to. On top of the ease of admission to these museums it’s nice to have transport included. (11.01.2020)


It a very usefull (04.01.2020)


meant we could visit many sights and most museums were on it. (03.01.2020)


Very comfortable and cheap (01.01.2020)


Handy and allows savings (30.12.2019)


The Tallinn Card enabled me to explore Tallinn conveniently, I didn't have to worry about tickets, all I had to do was scan the code from my phone. A very convenient solution! (28.12.2019)


It's such great value and makes a short break much easier. I liked not having to root around in a bag for money for this, tickets for that - the one ticket did us for everything. Tallinn is another East European city that has a fantastic public transport system and we just hopped on a bus or a tram to make our way round the various sights. We also used it to return to the airport when we were leaving. (27.12.2019)


Удобно и выгодно, замечательная находка для туриста. (25.12.2019)


Все очень удобно и выгодно. (20.12.2019)


It's simply makes sense to have it. We've been in Tallinn for three days, the historical center can be checked in a few hours, than for us the options were sitting in restaurants and caffes or going to museums. Even before we found out that there is such a thing as Tallinn card, we planned to check the harbour museum with the ice-breaker and submarine inside. Once checked the Tallinn card website, other museum options came to us, the TV tower or the city underground system where we would not go beforehand. You have 40 options of different places to visit + we liked also that the public transpartion was included. Thanks, we had a great time, Tomas (19.12.2019)


Convenient, practical, easy to use, all in one card (18.12.2019)


Нет необходимости приобретать билет для каждой достопримечательности по-отдельности что экономит время, и конечно финансовая экономия. (14.12.2019)


The card covers the main point of interests in Talinn and so much more. It made us save money. It covers public transport too. I would recommend it without any hesitation (14.12.2019)


A much better card than in Riga. More points where you can use it and better discounts. (09.12.2019)


Very convenient. (08.12.2019)


Great value (04.12.2019)


Es ist sehr bequem, dass man mit einer Card öffentliche Verkehrsmittel nutzen kann und kostenlosen Eintritt in viele Museen hat, auch eine kostenfreie Stadtrundfahrt ist drin. (03.12.2019)


Kätevä tapa liikkua ympäri kaupunkia. (29.11.2019)


It’s convenient from a price perspective and also helps you save time. No need to pay for a ticket every time, you just show your TC and you are free to go and enjoy the city and its wonderful attractions. You also Get discounts in many restaurants and bars. (28.11.2019)


Useful and worth the price of you so plan on visiting a lot (24.11.2019)


It was brilliant! We took the 72h card, and didn't actually track whether we saved money but the simple ability to get on any bus/tram or walk into any attraction that caught our attention made it worth it! (22.11.2019)


It was great value for money and I felt that I could go to any attraction and ride the transport without worrying about the cost! (21.11.2019)


It makes using public transportation easy as soon as you arrive and it's an economical way to see lots of museums and other sites. (21.11.2019)


Convenient, cheaper overall, covers most important sites (20.11.2019)


It's easy to get and use, providing real benefits to any kind of tourist! (19.11.2019)


Selkeää luetteloa kohteista, joihin pääsee ilmaiseksi tai joista saa alennusta, ei löytynyt nettisivuilta. Oli työlästä selvittää, mitä korttiin sisältyy. Muutenkin Tallinn Cardin sivuilta on kääntö automaattisesti Visit Tallinn sivuille, joka sekoittaa sisältöä. PlusKortin hinta talvikaudella sama, vaikka kiertoajelureittejä vain yksi. (18.11.2019)


Great range of activities discounted or for free, including all the most popular. Very reasonable price as well, well worth it. Wish I could have stayed longer in Tallinn! (17.11.2019)