Virtual and hybrid events in Tallinn

    29.10.2020 Mari Pever
    Contemporary and constantly developing virtual and hybrid event technology helps create innovative and exciting events. In Tallinn, many event companies and venues offer creative ways to hold virtual and hybrid conferences, meetings, seminars and entertainment events.

    What is a virtual event and what is a hybrid event?

    Virtual events are private or public events that take place in an online environment and participation is only possible virtually, for example using video conferencing platforms.

    Hybrid events are private or public events that take place in a physical location and where participants can attend the event live either on location or virtually online.

    What to keep in mind when organising a virtual or hybrid event

    When organising an event with virtual elements, it is a good idea to determine what the format and content of your event is going to be, and how the virtual audience can participate and engage within these elements. This will in turn determine your technical requirements. There is a large chance that the event you want to create will require more than simply a webcam and Wi-Fi.

    Hiring a professional moderator or even a few, can be a good idea, depending on the format and type of the event. Additionally, consider adding to your event audience-engaging elements, such as surveys, quizzes and Q & A sessions.

    New technologies are constantly emerging in the virtual event industry, so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on these developments and make sure the tech you use suits the needs of the event.

    Ultimately, the most important thing is that your virtual audience feels they are a genuine participant in the event.

    Virtual and hybrid event organisers in Tallinn

    Several event venues and companies in Tallinn offer hybrid and virtual event organising services.