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MyTallinn - Tales of the city through its people!


MyTallinn stories

Santa Claus - Write me a letter and read me a little poem!MyTallinn
Mart Haber spends much of the holiday season on the Town Hall SquareMyTallinn
Chimney sweeper Leo walks the rooftops of Tallinn’s Old TownMyTallinn
Oksana Tandit - Charmed by Tallinn Old Town at first glanceMyTallinn
Hele-Mai Alamaa - I love the Balti jaam market!MyTallinn
Rene Uusmees - when Estonian black bread is put on the table, be sure to try it!MyTallinn
Reet Aus - I could live anywhere, but I prefer my birthplace Tallinn!Guide
Vello Vaher - my patriotism started at the time of the football riot in Kadriorg StadiumMyTallinn
Harry Põiklik – one of very few concierges in EstoniaMyTallinn
Risto Kalmre - BMX freestyle is not extreme for meMyTallinn
Katrina Tang - Kalamaja exudes community spirit at every stepMyTallinn
Dimitri Demjanov: A place in the Bocuse d’Or final is a sign of Estonia’s high food cultureMyTallinn
Ain Järve - You will always find something new and surprising in Kadriorg Park!MyTallinn
Director Anne Velt - Tallinn Old Town has won me overMyTallinn
Aleksei Turovski - Baby news at the zoo makes me particularly happyMyTallinn
Jorge Hinojosa from Ecuador is charmed by Tallinn’s diversityMyTallinn
Kristjan Peäske - Tallinn is a lovely small town where something happens all the timeMyTallinn
Jüri Kuuskemaa: It’s great to live in Tallinn's Old Town!MyTallinn
Urmas Dresen - Tallinn Seaplane Harbour has something for everyoneMyTallinn
Maris Hellrand - Kadriorg is an exciting wooden neighbourhood right in the centre of TallinnMyTallinn
Sweets master Anneli Viik loves chocolates and candlesMyTallinn
Otto Kubo knows everything about the legendary marzipan of TallinnMyTallinn
Nadii Mushi - You’ll find nature in the very heart of TallinnMyTallinn
Peeter Reier - Pierre Chocolaterie in the Masters’ Courtyard is Tallinn's chocolate lovers’ heavenMyTallinn
Department store Kaubamaja's clerk Maie Reier enjoys perfumes and selling themMyTallinn
Margit Härma - Tallinn Old Town was like my babysitterMyTallinn
Tallinn's Dome Church – a place of reflection for Teet KaskMyTallinn
Artist Ashot Jegikjan admires the Town Wall of Tallinn Old TownMyTallinn
Age Juurikas - The Estonia Concert Hall is a temple for local musiciansMyTallinn
Artist Helina Tilk is back in the Old TownMyTallinn
Kirsti Narinen's important meetings on top of the Toompea hill in TallinnMyTallinn
Elvira Liiver - Hats and Tallinn - these two go together!MyTallinn
Merike Lang - Open Air Museum is an Estonian Village in TallinnMyTallinn
Priit Raud - Kanut Guild House in Tallinn is like a kitchen where artists can test their ideasMyTallinn
Watch out, rats and mice! On Katharina, Tont maintains order!MyTallinn
Tiina-Ly - Harju street Ice Rink is a great meeting pointMyTallinn
Silja Pihelgas - Town Hall Pharmacy is full of exciting storiesMyTallinn
Daily Lehtmets - taking risks has brought me successMyTallinn
Sirje Lippo - Old Town is beautifulMyTallinn
Maili Saia - sharing the name with a streetMyTallinn
Gert Kase - cherishing historyMyTallinn
Reida Pähklemäe - It is neither a city nor a solitary countrysideMyTallinn
Kai Valentin adores NõmmeMyTallinn
Irina Svidlov - cemeteries are part of our historyMyTallinn
Mall Oja - It's like entering a cathedral!MyTallinn
Kersti Paap - take a walk in PiritaMyTallinn
Leelo Ilbis - Nõmme is a green oasis in TallinnMyTallinn
Mari Pever - Tallinn is greener than you'd thinkMyTallinn
Merlin Randoja - get inspired by great views on Tallinn!MyTallinn
Mare Kalbus - Tallinn is at its best in winterMyTallinn
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