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Your guide to the evenings in Tallinn

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By Noora Karppi  •  10.08.2017

After the museums close their doors in the evening and the sun begins to set one might find themselves wondering what to do next. It is still too early to go to bed and hanging at the hotel doesn’t feel like an attractive way to spend your evenings on a holiday. Our guide will show you how to have the best time in the evenings in Tallinn!

Be active

Enjoy time out with family or friends. Breathe in the fresh sea air, go bowling, play minigolf, visit trampoline centre or play laser tag. For those who are looking for more adrenaline filled activities, Tallinn has quite many escape rooms, kart centres and adventure parks to choose from.

Relax and do some people-watching

Evenings are the perfect time to relax. Order a drink, sit back and watch the world go by. After office hours you’ll also see more locals around the town meeting with friends and unwinding after work.

Shop ‘til you drop

The shops in Tallinn are almost never closed. Shopping centres and malls usually open their doors at 9 AM or 10 AM and don’t close them until 9 PM. That leaves you plenty of time to shop even in the evenings and find perfect gifts and souvenirs.

Enjoy culture

Check out what's happening in Tallinn and enjoy a night out at the national opera, let your hair down at a local festival or enjoy a concert.

We also have high-quality cinemas for you to visit. If you still haven’t seen the latest Hollywood box-office hit, why not watch it in Tallinn. Tallinn cinemas are top notch quality using the latest technique. Catch the latest blockbusters, quirky art-films and Metropolitan Opera performances in Tallinn! All screenings are in original languages.

Be romantic

Tallinn is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Especially the Old Town is filled with beautiful, poetic little streets and cafés, where you can spend evenings filled with romance. After you have shared a cup of cocoa with your honey bunny enjoy the magnificent sunset over the rooftops or by the sea. Many of these attractions are open late or 24/7.

Late dinner and drinks

Pubs, bars and restaurants in Tallinn serve food until midnight and snacks ‘til the early morning hours. Evenings are best enjoyed alongside good company and great food.

Dance the night away

Head into the night and see how local people like to party. Visit the hottest clubs or enjoy live music and just dance the night away.