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Photo by: Ave Rand

Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

Photo by: Toomas Volmer

Short winter vocabulary for your Tallinn trip

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By Noora Karppi  •  02.01.2018

Winter is one of the top 4 loveliest seasons we have. Sometimes greatly and unfairly unappreciated. Those who’ve  visited Tallinn during winter know that Tallinn turns into magical wonderland when the snow falls and covers the red rooftops with white powder.

Ice skating in the heart of the Old Town, sleigh riding through the snowy parks and forests, cup of hot chocolate in the cosiest café, and warming up in front of a fireplace – who wouldn’t enjoy these small pleasures of winter?

As you are now booking your next winter trip to Tallinn. Here’s our short vocabulary that will come in handy. It’s nothing difficult. We promise.

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Short winter vocabulary

Hi Tere
How are you? Kuidas läheb?
Good Hästi
I'm on a holiday. Olen puhkusel.
I like winter. Mulle meeldib talv.
I like it here. Mulle meeldib siin.

Lovely weather Ilus ilm
It is snowing. Lund sajab.
I like snow. Mulle meeldib lumi.
It’s a bit cold. Natuke külm on.
I can’t feel my toes. Ma ei tunne oma varbaid.
Winter is here. Tali tuli. (Check our post about Game of Thrones and the Seven Kingdoms in Tallinn)
Hot beverages  
One coffee please. Üks kohv palun.
  With milk   piimaga
  And sugar   ja suhkruga
Two teas please. Kaks teed palun.
  With lemon   sidruniga
  And honey   ja meega
Three hot cocoas please. Kolm kuuma kakaaod palun.
  With whipped cream   vahukoorega
  And marshmallows   ja vahukommidega
I love Ice-skating. Mulle meeldib uisutada.
Yesterday I went skiing in Nõmme woods. Käisin eile Nõmme metsas suusatamas.
I’m taking part of the Pirita Open Winter Swimming Festival. Osalen Pirita Open Talisuplusfestivalil.
Sauna is so relaxing. Saun on väga lõõgastav.
Let’s build a snow castle! Ehitame lumelinnuse!
I challenge you to a snow fight! Lähme mängime lumesõda!
Do you want to build a snowman? Kas sa tahad lumememme ehitada?
Let it go Olgu nii