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Photo by: Vegan restoran V

Four super-duper vegan food spots in Tallinn

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By Noora Karppi  •  26.06.2018

Vegetarians know that Tallinn has a wide selection of restaurants offering good quality vegan dishes. Now it’s time to share the knowledge of the vegan food spots everyone should visit. Here's our fantastic four.

On your next trip, be sure to check these out – not because they are vegan, but because they’ll make your taste buds jump up and down out of joy!

Vegan Restoran V

Vegan Restoran V holds the top place in TripAdvisor, with its next-door neighbour Väike Rataskaevu 16. It’s not a surprise, as V truly is one of the best restaurants in town. Small, cosy, friendly restaurant in Tallinn Old Town with reasonable prices. Every item on the menu is 100% delicious and vegan, 0% boring and dull.


Clean, fresh, tasty are the keywords of Bliss buffet restaurant. Fill you plate with nutritious and healthy mega-vegan food from a good selection of salads, warm dishes and desserts. Try also the yummy smoothies (mango lassi with a hint of cardamom is so refreshing and delicious), grab one to go or enjoy it in the modern, cosy café in Solaris Centre. Their other restaurant is located in Kristiine.

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Mother Trucker Burger! That’s what you should order from VegMachine, a vegan street food stop at the popular Balti Jaam Market. The food is oh so, so good. So is Not Dog, another popular item on their menu. And the sweet potato fries. Everything is fast, delicious and vegan. If you are in luck, you might also meet VegMachine street food truck at local summer festivals. Yummy!

Karu Talu Šokolaad (Bear Farm Chocolate)