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Photo by: Maret Põldveer-Turay

Photo by: Maret Põldveer-Turay

Photo by: Maret Põldveer-Turay

TOP things to do in Nõmme

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By Noora Karppi  •  02.06.2018

Nõmme is a quiet neighbourhood in Tallinn, where you can relax in nature and see how locals live. It is easy to reach by train from Tallinn city centre in just 13 minutes.

Nõmme has a colourful and interesting history. It was founded by Nikolai von Glehn, a wealthy Baltic German landowner and a public figure.

Von Glehn saw opportunity rising when the regular Baltic rail service was created in the 1870’s. He started to lease land lots near the railway crossing his lands. Wealthier families build summer homes to these lots, to escape the bustle of Tallinn.

Nõmme grew bigger and in 1926, it became a town in its own right. Before the Second World War, Nõmme was the 5th largest town in Estonia with patriotic, right-wing local government. In 1940 the Soviet rule decided to unify Nõmme with Tallinn.

Today Nõmme is a lovely neighbourhood with 1920s- and 30s-era houses, restaurants, sports facilities and farmers’ market.

Here are the best attractions you should visit in Nõmme. To learn more about the lovely little suburb, read our Nõmme neighbourhood guide.

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Explore Nõmme Market

The centre of Nõmme is quite small. You can walk from the railway stop to Nõmme Market in 5 minutes. Nõmme Market is worth the visit, because it has a relaxing ambience and interesting things to see, try, and taste.

You will find small wooden cottages with cafés and shops side-by-side long lines of fresh seasonal treats, plants and flowers. Grab a cup of coffee and sit on the bench under the famous Nõmme pine trees.

Nõmme Market is a good spot to observe local life and to enjoy the sunshine and laid-back atmosphere.

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Pay a visit to von Glehn

A visit to Nõmme is not complete without stopping by the area Nikolai von Glehn built for himself.

Glehn’s Castle and surrounding Glehn Park looks like it could have jumped out of the pages of an adventure book. The park includes a palm house, statues, an obelisk and a lookout platform. Both the park and the castle were built in 1886.

A bit further is the Glehn’s Cemetery, Nikolai von Glehn built after his wife passed away in 1896. It is the final resting place of von Glehn’s wife and grandchildren, but Nikolai von Glehn is buried in Brazil where he died in 1923.

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Enjoy the nature

Nõmme offers great opportunities to have a walk in the fresh and clean air. Nõmme is famous for its pine trees, forest trails and bogs.

Head to Pääsküla bog or Harku Forest Trail for a shorter or longer walk. Both places have circular trails that take you through scenic forests and landscapes. The trail in Pääsküla bog has an observation tower, offering panoramic views to surrounding nature.

If you are longing for adrenaline-filled activities visit the Nõmme Adventure Park or Nõmme Snow Park, depending on the season, and Nõmme Sport Centre. Nõmme Sport Centre has an outdoor swimming pool and a beach volleyball court open during summer season. In winter months, you can use the ski tracks and natural ice rink.

Eat at local restaurants

Nõmme has several good restaurants. While in the neighbourhood be sure to check at least one of these gems.

Stylish, yet easy-going, Kius is located in the heart of Nõmme (between the railway stop and Nõmme Market), in a lovely wooden building. During summer months you can choose to dine outside on the terrace. Even closer to the railway stop is Elsa Nõmme Jaamarestoran, located in the old Nõmme train station building. This is a classic old-school restaurant serving meals from different eras.

A bit further from Nõmme centre are MuSu restoPaju Villa and Mimosa – all serving delicious food in a beautiful atmosphere.

With these four pointers, you are ready to go and explore the lovely, quiet, forested Nõmme neighbourhood in Tallinn.