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Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

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Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

Photo by: Krõõt Tarkmeel

Top 7 Tallinn Card tips

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By Jae Jensen  •  24.07.2019

If there’s something we’ve all wished for while travelling, it’s either more time, more money – or both. Luckily with the Tallinn Card, you can see and do more for less. This ultimate sightseeing pass grants you free entrance to over 40 of the city’s top museums and attractions, free transport and discounts at shops and eateries. 

But with so many possibilities, where do you begin? Here are some tips on how to make the most of your Tallinn Card:

1. Plan, but leave room for spontaneity

Even if you bought a 72-hour Tallinn Card, you wouldn’t have enough time to visit every sight it includes (or it would be extremely impressive if you did). Before activating your card, scope out the list of attractions and mark your must-sees in advance. Check which neighbourhoods they’re in and see what else is nearby. Tallinn is a compact city, and many free Tallinn Card sights are next to each other, making it easy to visit several at once. So, create an itinerary for yourself, but leave time to pop into places that look interesting. 

2. Don’t waste time in line

Priority admission to some of the country’s most popular attractions is included with your Tallinn Card. This means you can skip the lines at the Tallinn TV TowerTallinn Zoo and the Estonian Open Air Museum, which can get quite long, especially in the summer. Show your card to a staff member or look for the electronic card validator at the entrance to the Tallinn Zoo.

3. Get the best views

From the Tallinn TV Tower, you can get the big picture of the entire city. Each district has its own personality and architecture, with the Old Town sitting like a crown jewel in the centre. In the Old Town itself, different segments of the Town Wall (HellemannKiek in de Kök, and Nunna Towers) offer close-up views of a sea of medieval rooftops. You can also ascend the towers and spires of the Town Hall, the Dome Churchand more with your Tallinn Card. 

4. Refuel with snack breaks

If you’re going to enjoy a lot of sights, you’ll need to fuel yourself with some delicious food. Your Tallinn Card grants you a 10% discount at several restaurants conveniently located next to top museums in the Old Town, Kadriorg and Rottermann Quarter. If you’re having a craving for sweets, you can get a free treat at both Kehrwieder café and the Marzipan room in Maiasmokk café with no purchase necessary – though they’re both renowned spots for coffee and small bites as well. 

5. Get discounts on gifts and souvenirs

Pick up a keepsake to remind yourself and your loved ones of your special trip to Tallinn – and save up to 20% while doing so. Visit Rewill for colourful Estonian handicrafts. Tallinn Design House is a hub for modern, locally-designed accessories and home decor with something for even the most style-conscious shoppers.  

6. Switch up your mode of transport

With the Tallinn Card, you get unlimited access to public transport within city limits. If the weather’s good or you’d like a more scenic tour of the city with an audio guide in 10 languages, then board one of Tallinn City Tour’s hop-on, hop-off buses (-50% with the Tallinn Card and free with Tallinn Card PLUS). For visits to close-range attractions, take advantage of your free three-hour bike rental from City BikeKalamaja and Pirita are especially bike-friendly areas with gorgeous sea views. 

7. Visit something you normally wouldn’t

Since you have one, two or three days to visit as many museums and attractions as you want, it’s the perfect time to try something new. Visit a niche museum dedicated to puppetshealth carephotography or orders of knighthood. Or dive into the world of Estonia’s national artists, writers and military heroes. When ticket prices are removed from the equation, get out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself!

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