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Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

TOP 5 things to do on a rainy day in Tallinn

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By Noora Karppi  •  31.05.2017

Tallinn is always pretty, but sometimes the weather doesn’t permit enjoying a day outside. When the rainy clouds gather over the Old Town towers and hide away the city centre skyscrapers, when the hipsters in Kalamaja search for cover with their bikes and the joyous people are rushing to clean up their picnic treats and blankets in the Kadriorg Park, we know where to go. Follow our lead and make the most of a rainy day in Tallinn!

1. Museums

A rainy day is a blessing for modern, interesting, educational, beautiful and fun museums. Sometimes people can overlook museums as boring, but one should not make that mistake while in Tallinn! Get a Tallinn Card and visit Kadriorg palace and art museum, Kumu, Lennusadam, Kiek in de Kök, Estonian healthcare museum or some other smaller museums in town for free! You will be happy that a rainy day came to visit Tallinn the same day as you. Otherwise you maybe would have missed out on our cool museums.

2. Cinema

Ahh, the soft seats that provide shelter and comfort in times of need. Step out of the rain and into the popcorn scent multiplex cinema or to more sophisticated artsy movie theatre. The movies ARE NOT DUBBED into Estonian, but you will have a chance to improve your language skills with Estonian and Russian subtitles. Visit Kosmos cinema for an IMAX sensation and Forum Cinemas or Apollo cinema for all day long movie marathon. Artis and Sõprus will bring you European flicks best enjoyed with wine and some good company.

3. Bowling, billiard and other fun activities

For short showers (less than 60 minutes) we suggest to visit one of the many escape rooms in Tallinn. If it’s still raining once you get out, you’ll only have your own wits to blame. The city centre offers also many possibilities to hop, climb and bowl or shoot some pool. Or step into a day spa and have a luxurious treatment because you are worth it!

4. Balti Jaam Market and Telliskivi

If you came to Tallinn with a foodie friend and they have gone missing in Tallinn, this is the place you’ll find them. Balti Jaam Market and Telliskivi offer food and groceries from near and far. Start from Telliskivi for some restaurant hopping, continue to Balti Jaam Market to experience the art of street food and buy some souvenirs for near and dear ones back at home missing all the fun.

5. Shopping

Oh yes, the thing most men fear and ladies love (sorry for the stereotype); shopping. Rainy day, gives the perfect excuse for a shopping spree! In Viru centre downtown you can shop, eat and actually also sleep if you feel like it. Or go to the humongous Ülemiste or Rocca al Mare shopping centre. But if you do drag along someone not so keen on shopping, be prepared to make it up to them (as these shopping centres are really really big!) or offer them some other activities from our list.

Extra tip

Take a sightseeing bus tour! Hop on the red busses and let Tallinn City Tour show you the sights in Tallinn. Even if it's raining cats and dogs, you still get to see Tallinn and visit it's main sights. And the best part; Tallinn City Tour is free of charge with Tallinn Card!