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Photo by: Kaupo Kalda

TOP 5 romantic things to do in Tallinn

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By Noora Karppi  •  05.02.2018

It is the most romantic time of the year and lovebirds stroll up and down the streets of Old Town. It feels like the roses are prettier, the stars brighter and people lovelier. Even food tastes better in February.

Falling in love is easy and Tallinn helps you to linger in that rosy bubble for a while longer. Here is a list of the romantic places to visit in Tallinn, just for you two.

1. Sõprus Cinema

Dim lights, soft velvet chairs, glass of red wine – and action! A romantic evening at the art-house cinema Sõprus (Estonian for “Friendship”) at the heart of Tallinn Old Town could most definitely be the beginning of something beautiful.

Photo by: Kino Sõprus

2. Kadriorg

Walk hand in hand under 300 year old trees, share a kiss on the rose hill and make a wish by the swan pond. The romantic Kadriorg park is number one location for romantic strolls and daydreaming together with your love-dove.

3. Dine in the dark or in the sky

Book a table for an unforgettable dining experience. Several restaurants in Tallinn offer dining experiences in the dark. When your eyes can’t see, other senses will take over. In the summertime, you can choose to dine in the sky and shout your love over the red rooftops of Tallinn.

Photo by: Lauri Laan

4. SPA+18

Relax and enjoy peace and quiet at the exclusive spa and sauna centre, SPA18+. SPA18+ is the newest part of Viimsi SPA and for adults only. No screaming, running and waterbombing children, just the two of you, six saunas, water bar, fruits, drinks and mud treatments.

Photo by: Tallinn Viimsi Spa

5. Proposal

Ask the big question under the stars of Tallinn. Romantic Tallinn has inspired people to get engaged in the tower of the medieval Town Hall and next to “The Times We Had” aphorism. The city is filled with romantic spots to pop the question. So, when the time is right, ask her/him to marry you.

The 100th post is reserved for someone special. Happy Anniversary! . Remember the times we had? Where we met at Vassar undergrad That year, you had a broken foot Regardless, I thought you were well put . We didn't talk much those days Not even Facebook friends, I'm amazed I clicked the button and made the first step And with much delay, you finally accept . I gave you a virtual tour of San Francisco While you snacked on Ritz Bits - Nabisco The first date made my heart tingle Needless to say, we did not stay single . Our time together is never a bore As we have a tendency to explore Who can forget such fond memories And here, a quick summary: . From conferences in Philly and Chicago To the New York's Thousand Islands chateau Off to Switzerland to see their knobby trees! Next thing you know, we ventured the Baltic Sea . I can't wait to say the words "to have and to hold" And see how the future unfolds You are my breath of fresh air I'm overjoyed when we became a pair * If you ever feel down Know that I'll be your clown Your laughter is my soundtrack And I love you to the stars and back . Oh to the times we will have! . Thanks to my bros @vinare04 and @jasonwu611 for being there. Thank you @visittallinn for the gorgeous platform!

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