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TOP 5 pizza places in Tallinn

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By Noora Karppi  •  17.04.2018

One of the greatest gifts from Italy to the world is most definitely pizza - the classic dish that suits so well for every occasion, whether it’s a Friday night out, Sunday family dinner or a quick bite for lunch in the middle of a busy day at work.

The traditional Estonian pizza is a bit different from the original Neapolitan treat. Estonian pizza has usually a thick crust and various curious toppings (the more the merrier). But, we have good news for all the pizza lovers out there; lately the authentic pizza has landed in Tallinn to challenge the local pizza scene.

Several new pizzerias in town are definitely worth checking out. Head to one of these five pizza restaurants if you are looking for that crunchy crust, fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella that melts in your mouth. See also our blog posts about the street food sceneTOP 5 burger joints and TOP 5 craft beer pubs in Tallinn.

Kaja Pizza Köök

”Veni, vidi, vici” could be the slogan of Kaja Pizza Köök. The pizzeria is only one year old but has won over hearts of many local Estonians and Italians. The pizzeria is located in Pelgulinn area, Northern Tallinn, and people from all around the city are head here for the perfect pizza lunch experience.

Kaja Pizza Köök serves about 200 pizzas per day, opening for lunch and continuing until they run out of dough (which happens usually around 3-4 p.m.). You can check their Facebook page for updates about the dough situation. Kaja Pizza Köök has an easy-going, friendly atmosphere. All the products are from Italy are prepared in the kitchen and then finished by the wood-fired oven.

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Pizzer is a true surprise at the Balti Jaam railway station. You really wouldn’t expect to have this kind of gourmet experience at a railway station (unless in Italy). So, if you are running from the Old Town to trendy Kalamaja area, be sure to stop by at Pizzer.

This pizzeria offers pizzetas and pizzas to go or to be enjoyed on the spot. The menu has classics like margarita and quattro formaggi to more exotic ones with lemon, pesto and smoked salmon. All the pizzas are, of course, prepared in the wood-burning oven.

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La Prima Pizza

Dedication and love for the authentic Italian pizza was the passion that helped to create one of the best pizzerias in Tallinn – La Prima Pizza. A wood-burning oven, secret dough recipe from a grandmother in Italy and ingredients straight from original pizza land are the things that make La Prima Pizza so special.

La Prima Pizza has two restaurants in Tallinn, where you can enjoy the true Italian pizza. The original restaurant is in the city centre, on Gonsiori street, and the newer one in Rocca al Mare shopping centre. Try the Santa Margherita, Mortadella or Pizza Della Casa. Actually, just try any of the pizzas, they are all super tasty!

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Rucola is quite the veteran compared to the three previous pizza restaurants on our list. This popular Italian style family restaurant and pizzeria in Rocca al Mare is turning nine years this summer! Step in for good pizza, Italian gelato, sweet cakes and dishes with a clean and pure taste.

If you’ll peak into the kitchen you’ll see the classic wood-burning pizza oven and fresh ingredients. Everyone feels welcome at this restaurant, with a special play area for children. From the neighbouring grounds, you can hear the trumpet of an elephant or a roar of a tiger – Rucola is located next to the Tallinn Zoo.

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Pulcinella is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Tallinn. Only a few steps from the Town Hall square you’ll find laughter, good food and a little piece of Italy. Pizzas, pasta, insalatas, antipasti, and dolci paired with a good wine selection are the key elements of an Italian restaurant and Pulcinella is not an exception.

You can choose from 20 different pizzas done in the Neapolitan way in a wood-fired oven. Pulcinella has an utterly romantic atmosphere. During the summer season, you can enjoy your pizza outside in the sunshine.