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Photo by: Edmond Mäll

Photo by: Restoran JUUR / Lauri Laan

Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

Photo by: Ristikheina Kohvik

Photo by: Paju Villa / Rain Paloson

TOP 5 picturesque cafés and restaurants outside the city centre

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By Noora Karppi  •  07.02.2019

Tallinn is a small and compact city. Everything is close by and you can walk to all the main sights, restaurants and museums. But there are some really nice cafés and restaurants that you shouldn’t miss just because they are further away from the city centre.

Here is a short list of the top 5 places to visit that require a bit more planning and preparation, but are worth the effort.

Happy exploring!

Ristikheina kohvik

Address: Ristiku 57 (bus nr 40 from Vabaduse väljak, stop: Maisi)

There is no sweeter place in Tallinn than café Ristikheina kohvik. Located in a cosy wooden house in Pelgulinna, in northern Tallinn, this café is a local favourite. The marvellous cakes and beautiful interiors of Ristikheina kohvik make this café one of the most picturesque places in Tallinn! If you’re just hungry for cake, you can find Ristikheina cakes also from their take-away in Balti Jaama Market on the border of the Old Town.

Japarto Crepes

Address: Sõpruse pst 212 (buses nr 11, 24 or 24A from Vabaduse väljak, stop Lepisitiku)

A small kiosk in the suburbs of Tallinn selling Japanese bubble waffles? It is truly a combination one would not expect, but we all have seen weirder things in this world. Japarto Crepes is worth the bus ride. Where else could you enjoy Japanese bubble waffle filled with ham and cheese (Estonian twist!). To experience more traditional and kawaii Japanese delicacy order a waffle with strawberries, Nutella, ice cream and whipped cream topped with chocolate sauce! Oishii!


Address: Valukoja 10 (tram nr 4 from Vabaduse väljak or Hobujaama, stop: Ülemiste linnak)

Photo by: Restoran JUUR / Marek Metslaid

Nordic simplicity alongside impressive modern cuisine and local products are the core of restaurant Juur (roots in English), located in the Ülemiste region close to the airport. The restaurant is stylish and has amazing light thanks to its huge windows; this is part of the reason why Juur is the perfect place for gastronomy experiences and photos. You can also just have a cup of joe and a chat with the personnel. They have a wide selection and strong expertise in coffees.


Address: Rohuneeme tee 53 (bus nr 114 from Hobujaama, stop: Ranna)

Paat (boat in English) in Viimsi is an interesting place as it looks like an upside-down boat by the coast of Tallinn Bay. You can choose to sit inside or outside in the summer season. Lunch or dinner is topped with amazing views over the coastline of Tallinn. While you’re there, visit also the Viimsi Open Air Museum next to the restaurant for some photos with Estonian countryside vibes.

Paju Villa

Address: Vabaduse pst 88 (bus nr 18 from Vabaduse väljak, stop: Kaare)

Photo by: Paju Villa / Rain Paloson

Paju Villa restaurant in Nõmme is so pretty it almost hurts. The building is a luxurious and romantic Art Nouveau style villa that was recently renovated and opened as a restaurant. The restaurant with a lush green garden is inspiring and beautiful, filled with photo opportunities. Good food is guaranteed in this sister restaurant of the popular NOA (in Viimsi), OKO (in Viimsi) and Tuljak (in Pirita) restaurants.

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