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Photo by: Speakeasy by Põhjala

By Noora Karppi  •  14.02.2018

For decades, Estonia had two big beer companies rivalling over who gets to be the number one. South Estonia’s pride and joy is A Le Coq, while northern Estonians cheer for Saku.

In the last couple of years the game has changed. Beer-loving Estonians have taken up the art of brewing and founded microbreweries.

Here are the best places offering products from Estonian microbreweries. Before heading for a taste, remember that the legal drinking age in Estonia is 18. See also our blog posts about the TOP 5 burger jointsTOP 5 pizza places and street food scene in Tallinn!


Koht (Moonshine bar) is a small shop and bar inside Old Town. Most of it is filled with bottles of beer. Some of these beers you might have seen before, but many you can’t get anywhere else. Ask the friendly barman or barmaid for a recommendation. They know exactly what you want and need.


Põrgu means hell in Estonian, but this place is any beer-lover’s heaven. You’ll find Põrgu opposite to the church of St Nicholas, down in the basement. Põrgu offers delicious a la carte food and a large selection of draught beers from Estonia and other countries. Here you’ll meet great hospitality and almost holy atmosphere.


The selection of beers Pudel gastro pub offers is excellent quality. Try Estonian beers from the selection. Pudel is located at the centre of bohemian Kalamaja in Telliskivi Creative City. It is an excellent place to enjoy the evening outside the Old Town.

Speakeasy by Põhjala

This little gem offers great beers straight from popular Põhjala brewery. Põhjala was one of the first microbreweries in Estonia. Speakeasy is Põhjala's own pub and the best place to try their tasty products.


Modern SIP wine- and beer bar is also located in trendy Kalamaja. SIP has a good selection of local and foreign beers. You can buy some from the shop to go. Or you can sit down, have a drink, relax and chat with the friendly shop- and barkeepers.

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