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Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

The ‘baby boom’ of restaurants in Tallinn

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By Mall Oja  •  27.08.2018

The owners of the top restaurants in Tallinn have been opening new restaurants, grill and wine bars one after the another.

There is still room in Kalamaja

Kopli 16

The restaurant may have an old-fashioned name, but everything else about it is very modern: it has a simple and colourful interior, hospitable service, not to mention the menu, which is full of surprising new flavour combinations.

ÜLO follows trends and mostly offers vegetarian dishes. Meat and fish dishes can be found at the end of the menu. Johannes Hõimoja, the chef of the restaurant, was nominated for the best young chef in Estonia when only a student.

If Rataskaevu 16 and Pegasus, the flagships of hospitality, are among your favourite restaurants, then you can rejoice – Ülo is now part of the family.

Who is Ülo?
Statistics Estonia has ranked Ülo 89th in the list of popular male names in Estonia. The average age of Ülos is 66 years and the name occurs most often in the age group of 80–84. No boys have been named Ülo in the last decade.

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Gastropub One Sixty
Telliskivi 62

Tallinn has never had a classic American smokehouse, One Sixty, where meat is cooked and smoked on the spot in special custom-made pits. It has one now.

Kaja Pizza Köök, a star among the pizza restaurants in Tallinn, has a new sibling. The restaurant is led by Andrei Lesment, a chef with years of experience in the London restaurant scene, who now makes use of his expertise in Tallinn. One Sixty shares the same principles as Kaja Pizza: food is served as long as there is enough meat smoked last night to ensure the freshness and quality of the food. The side dishes accompanying the meat are also fresh, organic, and made on the spot.

The restaurant with its masculine interior is operating in an old repair shop for railway wagons under the same roof with Renard Speed Shop, a custom motorcycle workshop and a lifestyle store. They are located next to the Telliskivi Creative City.

What does One Sixty mean?
The name One Sixty refers to 160 °F, the internal temperature of perfectly cooked meat.

New houses and emerging restaurant culture in the city

Maakri 21

It was not long ago when Pull, a meat restaurant, opened its doors in the trendy Rotermann Quarter. Pull is now accompanied by Härg located in the renewed Maakri business sub-district. The tandem is led by Enn Tobreluts, a renowned grill master, and his team.

Restaurant Härg offers the best quality steaks, meat cooked on low temperature, grilled dishes, healthy salads, freshly squeezed juice, and smoothies. Live fire has an important role in their cooking process – many dishes are grilled on or in coals. The signature dish of the restaurant is the ‘dirty steak’, a steak grilled in hot coals.
The wine list of restaurant Härg is long and most of the wines can be ordered a glass at a time thanks to the Coravin method. The cosy atmosphere, good music, and classy interior of the historic building promise a dining experience to remember.

What is the Coravin method?
The Coravin method is a new technology for preserving wine that enables pouring wine without removing the cork.

The Old Town is full of surprises

Pazzo Wine Bar
Pagari 1

Never before has there been such a wildly spirited wine bar in Estonia – the team of restaurants Leib and Umami comprising sommelier Kristjan Peäske, chef Janno Lepik, and Ketri Leis, the best sommelier in Estonia in 2018, have established a bar that they themselves would frequent. The wines, mainly from small Italian wineries, have been picked and imported by the bar.

The more you spend time at Pazzo, tasting different foods and drinks, the more obvious the meaning of the name becomes – ‘pazzo’ is ‘crazy’ in Italian. There is crazy in all of us, and there is no shame in letting it out in Pazzo. Do not be shy to follow the wisdom of Italians and you will soon feel very happy: eat well, laugh often, love much!