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Short summer vocabulary for your Tallinn trip

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By Noora Karppi  •  20.07.2017

Estonian language is beautiful, but can be quite tricky. Just try to pronounce „Üle oja mäele, läbi oru jõele“ (over the stream onto a mountain, through a valley to the river).

It sounds amazing when you hear Estonian saying it, but when you try to say the words it feels like your tongue is turning upside down and about to give up.

We are here to help you. We won’t teach you all the Estonian words and sentences, but we’ll help you out with some phrases that’ll get you started and impress your friends while in Tallinn.

Short summer vocabulary

Hi   Tere
How are you?    Kuidas läheb?
Good   Hästi
I’m on a holiday.   Olen puhkusel.
I like summer.   Mulle meeldib suvi.
I like it here.   Mulle meeldib siin.
Lovely weather   Ilus ilm
Sun is shining.   Päike paistab.
It’s cloudy today.   Täna on pilvine.
It is raining.   Sajab.
I like thunder and rain.  Mulle meeldib äike ja vihm.
Stormy sea is awesome!  Tormine meri on äge!
Winter is coming.  Talv tuleb.

Two scoops of ice-cream please.  Kaks palli jäätist palun.
Chocolate  Šokolaad
Vanilla  Vanilje
Two more please  Kaks veel palun
Strawberry  Maasikas
Blueberry  Mustikas
Let's have a BBQ  Grillime
Shashlik  Šašlõkk
Burger  Burger
Beer  Õlu
Party  Pidu

I want to ride my bicycle.   Tahan rattaga sõita.
Let’s rent bikes and ride by the seaside.    Laenutame rattad ja sõidame mere ääres.
I’m going to the Pirita beach.    Ma lähen Pirita randa.
I want to swim with the locals.  Tahan kohalikega koos ujuda.
Let’s climb the towers of Old Town!  Ronime vanalinna tornides!
I’m afraid of heights.  Ma kardan kõrgust.
Don’t be afraid.  Ära karda.
I’ll hold your hand.  Ma hoian sul käest kinni.
Let’s walk in Kadriorg park.  Lähme jalutame Kadrioru pargis.
Will you come with me?  Kas sa tuled ka minuga?
We’re relaxing.  Me tšillime.
We’re hanging out.  Me hängime.


Estonian summer hits  Eesti suvehitte
In a far-away village  Kauges külas – by Curly Strings
White nights  Valged ööd – by Getter Jaani and Koit Toome
This will be our summer  Sellest saab meie suvi – by Code One
Summer paradise  Suveparadiis – by Mr. Happyman
Snow in July  Juulikuu lumi – by Terminator
We’re walking on rooftops  Käime katuseid mööda – by Smilers
The moon is the sun  Kuu on päike – by Tanel Padar & the Sun
Old jeans and a guitar  Vanad teksad ja kitarr – by Vanilla Ninja
A flower in the grass  Lilleke rohus – by Tuberkuloited
I come from the island  Tulen saarelt – by Ele and Kaja Kõlar
Palm island  Palmisaar – new mix of „Tulen saarelt“ by A-rühm
The hiking song  Matkalaul – by Apelsin