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Photo by: Maret Põldveer-Turay

Photo by: Rotermann City

Photo by: Rotermann City

Rotermann Quarter - a city inside the city

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By Noora Karppi  •  02.09.2019

Right in the heart of Tallinn where the three main roads meet (Pärnu, Tartu and Narva streets) is the Rotermann Quarter. One of the newest entertainment oases of Tallinn is situated next to the Old Town, a stone's throw from the port.

When in Tallinn, one should definitely visit the Rotermann Quarter. The area is filled with interesting architecture. New modern buildings have risen to the quarter. Old buildings have been renovated with a respect to the original industrial architecture.

Rotermann name comes from Christian Abraham Rotermann, who moved to Tallinn from the countryside in 1828 and founded a company. Christian A. Rotermann’s company dealt mainly with construction materials. Later, in 1848, he expanded his business and built a department store in the centre of Tallinn. Other industrial companies gathered around the Rotermann department store during the next decades. This was the beginning of the Rotermann Quarter.

The Second World War damaged buildings of Rotermann Quarter. With the Soviet rule, all the companies were nationalised. The period of occupation left its mark in the quarter. Many buildings seemed unrepairable, but authorities recognised the historical and cultural value Rotermann Quarter posses and conservation works began in 2001.

Today, Rotermann Quarter is the perfect place for a stroll, food hopping and shopping.

Taste the world

In 2017, Rotermann Quarter grew with an exciting new street called Stalkeri Käik (Stalker’s Alley). The name of the street comes from the Soviet cult science fiction movie “Stalker”, which was filmed at the very same spot in the 1970s.

Little food shops and restaurants stand side-by-side on Stalker’s Alley. Here you'll find many different options for dinner - or go food hopping from place to place. You can travel around the world on a culinary adventure in the Rotermann Quarter.

Ruby offers modern kosher food and authentic New York bagels. Taqueria invites for a spicy journey to Mexico, and Pull brings you the best stakes with Argentinean spirit.

Taste of Asia serves true Thai food. R14 is dedicated to good wines and Mediterranean cuisine. For authentic Flammkuchen from Alsace, France, head to FLAMM.

The sweetest spot in Stalker's Alley is RØST. RØST bakes fresh cardamon and cinnamon buns with traditional Swedish recipes.

A few steps from the Stalker's Alley is the delightful Pizzanaut, offering you the best of Italian kitchen.

There are so many foodie places to choose from, that it’s the best you check the Rotermann Quarter webpage. Where in the world would you like to eat today?

Evenings are cosy in the wine bars and breweries in Rotermann. You can find details about those also from Rotermann Quarter webpage.

Exclusive gifts and souvenirs

For the perfect item to take home with you or a gift for someone special go to Tallinn Design House. Accessories, jewellery, cosmetics, books, and clothes designed by local artists wait for you.

Tallinn Design House is a hub for local designers and a nice place to learn about Estonian design. Can you name any Estonian designers? If not, then step in and a whole new world opens in front of you.

Close by is also the Kalev chocolate shop. This candy land and every child’s dream offers a wide selection of local sweet treats.

Shop ’til you drop… and then some more

Rotermann Quater is the home to some of the biggest European clothing brands. Bershka, Springfield, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear, Suitsupply all have homes in Rotermann Quarter. Also smaller brands and small designer shops are represented in the area.

For beauty mavens, Hairline and INGLOT offer a wide range of make-up and hair-care products. Three beauty salons are based in Rotermann Quarter, as well as a dental clinic and a tattoo parlour if you are looking for something more permanent.

You can get to know all the brands at the Rotermann Quarter from the official webpage.

Stay in Rotermann Quarter

Rotermann Quarter offers plenty of opportunities for entertainment. After dinner at one of the amazing restaurants, you can catch a movie in the cinema next door, play some billiard or go bowling.

Rotermann Quarter has few hotels and hostels that provide accommodation. So, if you wish to stay the night in Rotermann area it is possible. You can choose between apartments, hostel and hotels.

In the old barley mill, which was built in 1905, is Welcome Hostel. The location couldn't be any better, the old mill is in the centre point of Rotermann Quarter.

Three hotels are welcoming guests in the Rotermann Quarter. The new and shiny Metropol Spa Hotel and comfortable Metropol Hotel are in one building. 4-star superior Nordic Hotel Forum stands opposite Viru Square. If you prefer to stay in a flat, see what Angleterre Apartments and Apartments Rotermanni have to offer.

What do you like in the Rotermann Quarter the most? The oh-so-good restaurants, cool atmosphere, shops or something else? Let us know in the comments below.