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Photo by: KODA stay / Tõnu Tunnel

Photo by: Annika Haas

Poordi – new interesting street in the city centre

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By Noora Karppi  •  29.03.2018

Admiralty Quarter is a new development project between the harbour and the Old Town. It’s still under construction, but the first part, Poordi street with Poordi Residence and Promenaadi Houses, is finished and ready to cater your needs.

From Poordi street you’ll find restaurants, shops and beauty salons as well as accommodation. Here’s a list of the places you can visit in Poordi street.

Eat & Drink

Magnet Lounge
Modern Magnet Lounge offers fresh food (including all-day breakfast), desserts, snacks, tasty cocktails and selection of shishas. The lounge has a light and minimalistic, Scandinavian atmosphere.

Muhu Pagarid

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There’s nothing better than warm, fresh black bread straight from the oven. Muhu Pagarid is a popular bakery with several locations in Tallinn. Their café in Poordi street is the latest addition to their list of locations. Muhu Pagarid in Poordi collaborates with Puree, and offers daily specials. Enjoy lunch at the spot and buy some Estonian bread to take home with you.

Kohvik Möt
If you are looking for a quick bite or a sweet snack, Kohvik Möt, is the place for you. Good coffee, breakfast, amazing desserts and tasty daily specials are offered at this stylish, romantic and cosy café.

Washoku Story
Washoku is an authentic Japanese restaurant. Enjoy the Japanese hospitality and traditional Japanese ramen and other dishes, from chef Hide’s menu. The restaurant is so popular, that it is advisable to make a reservation. If you don’t manage to get a table, don’t worry, there’s also an option to order takeaway.

Pavlova Cake

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As the name suggests, Pavlova Cake café and bakery is dedicated to the delicate dessert, Pavlova.  Here you can choose the filling and toppings yourself and create the Pavlova cake of your dreams.

Beauty and wellness

Poordi street is not all about just tasty food, there’s also a chance to pamper yourself. Between breakfast and lunch, you can visit NailSpa, the biggest nail salon in Estonia. This is their third and the latest location in Tallinn.

Art’s Beauty Salon
After lunch and before dinner, there’s time to stop by Art’s Beauty Salon and get a new haircut or a lovely hairdo for the evening.



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Intera is a furniture store. Intera in Poordi street brings you home décor and furniture. Buy something big or smaller, depending on how much spare room you have in your luggage.

STORE is a store specialised in new Estonian design and fashion. You’ll find everything from accessories to dresses, suits and overcoats here.

Treimann Furniture is an Estonian family business. They have a furniture and design lounge in Poordi. From Treimann Furniture you can shop for good quality, modern furniture, interior accessories and paintings. Most of the products are made in Estonia, Belgium and Denmark.

Carpe Vinum

Carpe Vinum has a wide selection of different wines and hard liquor. They also offer wine tastings and workshops.

Estonians love flowers, and you can find flower shops from all around the city. There’s also one flower shop, Lillepood (literally a flower shop in Estonian) in Poordi street. Grab a bottle of wine and some pretty flowers to surprise a friend you are travelling with.


KODA stay
If you are so in love with this new area in Tallinn, that you feel like you never want to leave (well not at least for the next 24 hours), you can use the excellent services of KODA stay. KODA stay has five lovely little houses offering accommodation. We probably don’t need to mention, that the location is great, but there’s also all the things you need; a kitchenette, a bathroom, a living room and a bed. One house accommodates up to 4 persons and all of them are furnished and decorated with Estonian design.

Photo by: KODA stay