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Photo by: Noora Karppi

Photo by: Noora Karppi

How to use taxis in Tallinn

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By Noora Karppi  •  28.06.2019

Using a taxi in Tallinn is easy when you are familiar with a few principles. We will guide you on how to choose and order a taxi in Tallinn.

Finding a taxi in Tallinn

Taxi and ridesharing apps

A mobile application is the most convenient way to order a ride these days. In Tallinn, you can choose between several taxi apps.

Uber is the most common taxi app used worldwide. You can use it in Tallinn to catch a ride. Local residents also use Bolt (formerly Taxify), an international ride-sharing app created by a local company. Bolt works on the same principles as Uber, but with Bolt you can also order regular official taxis (not just private drivers) as well as use electric scooters.

Other similar apps used in Tallinn to order taxis and ride sharing are TaxigoTaxofon and

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Taxi companies

More than 30 taxi companies offer taxi services in Tallinn. You have the right to choose whichever company you want. 

Use only official taxis, who have a license granted by the City of Tallinn. 

You'll recognise an official taxi (driver) from a service provider card on the dashboard. The taxis are also required to have functioning taximeter and a printer for the receipt. If the taximeter or printer does not work, you have the right to refuse to pay.

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Taxi rates

Before choosing a taxi at the stand, check the rates from the yellow sticker on the car rear window. All official taxis have the rates presented in Estonian and English on the sticker.

There are no unified taxi rates in Tallinn. Service providers have the right to set their own rates, as long as they don’t exceed the maximum rates set by the city of Tallinn. There's a lot of competition among taxi companies in Tallinn and usually the rates are significantly lower than the allowed maximum rates.

The maximum rates in Tallinn are
  • Starting fare 5,50 €
  • Per-kilometre fare 1,10 € (slightly higher rates apply from 11 pm to 6 am)
  • Waiting charge 24,20 €/h (only used when the taxi is standing)

If you are not sure how much the ride will cost, you can always ask the driver for an approximate price before choosing a taxi.

Velotaxis in Tallinn

In Tallinn, you will also find velotaxi services.

Velotaxis, or bike taxis, are also officially regulated. The City of Tallinn demands that to offer velotaxi service, the driver has to have a license granted by the city. The licence is given to people who are at least 18 years old and have a drivers licence.

Also according to the regulation, all velotaxis have to be equipped with seat belts and the driver is required to provide a receipt for the customer at the end of the ride.

Velotaxis have their own pricing system. Always ask for the price before taking a velotaxi and make sure, if the price you agreed on is per ride or per person. Also, keep in mind that velotaxis are not allowed to enter the Old Town.

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