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Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

Five things you should taste in Tallinn

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By Noora Karppi  •  18.03.2019

Trying local delicacies and experiencing new taste sensations is a vital part of any trip to a foreign country.

One must try Balut in Manila, Kluten in Bremen, Trdelnik in Prague and Fish and Chips in London. What about in Tallinn? For a sweet, salty and savoury trip to Tallinn, we have put together a short list of delicacies one must have while in town.


The sweet smell of cinnamon roasted almonds on the streets of the Old Town is familiar to anyone who has ever been to Tallinn. This tasty snack is available at several locations in the Old Town and a perfect snack to enjoy on the go while strolling the cobbled streets of Old Town. Besides the traditional sweet cinnamon almonds, you can also find chilli and garlic spiced almonds from the vendors on the streets. Be sure to try all the different tastes!


Marzipan and Tallinn share a long history. In the medieval times, marzipan was used as a medicine and it was prepared in the pharmacy on the Town Hall Square. In the 19th century, the marzipan from Tallinn gained fame and was also enjoyed by the Russian Tsar. Today we enjoy it as a special sweet treat. In Tallinn marzipan comes in all shapes and sizes. The pretty hand-painted figures made of marzipan are perfect gifts to take back home with you.

Black bread

Estonians love their black bread. Freshly baked black rye bread is soft inside and crispy on the outside. Put on some butter, let it melt a bit and enjoy. This delicacy is offered in most of the restaurants in Tallinn as bread is an important part of Estonian cuisine. You can also buy a loaf of black bread from the grocery stores or straight from a bakery, such as Muhu Pagarid (Muhu bakers).

Vana Tallinn

Now, this treat is for the adults only, as it is alcohol that we’re dealing with here. This rum-based liqueur comes in bottles shaped like a medieval tower. Vana Tallinn (Old Tallinn) is best enjoyed with some ice and a slice of lime. You can also pour a sip into coffee, tea or milk, any drink you prefer! If you are not into drinks, taste the Vana Tallinn Ice cream. The ice cream contains a small amount of alcohol, so it is a guilty pleasure for the grown-up’s only.

Kalev chocolate

The Swedes have Marabou and the Finns have Fazer – but the Estonians have Kalev. Kalev is a local hero, whose adventures you can read all about in the Estonian national epic, Kalevipoeg. Besides being the name of a hero, Kalev is also the local chocolate and candy manufacturer. A box of Kalev chocolates with a pretty picture of Tallinn on the cover is a perfect souvenir from your trip to Tallinn. If you want to have something truly loved by Estonians try Tuljak, Maiuspala or Mesikäpp chocolates and pralines.