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Five new restaurants in Tallinn

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By Mall Oja  •  11.05.2018

With the arrival of spring, several new restaurants have opened in Tallinn, and many old ones have been redecorated. In all of them, gourmands can enjoy the signature dishes of the best chefs in Estonia.

The vast experience of chef Silver Saa (lovers of great food surely remember him from restaurants Salt and Fabrik) allows him to infuse European cuisine with hints of Nordic and Asian flavour. The menu includes some unusual raw materials. The interior of the restaurant combines the thick stone walls of the Old Town with décor as soft as velvet; large windows and clear hues give the space warmth.

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Mantel ja Korsten
In Kadriorg, in one of the city’s oldest wooden houses with a mantle chimney, chefs Roman Zaštšerinski and Igor Andrejev opened their third restaurant, after the popular Moon and Kolm Sibulat. Mantel ja Korsten offers signature dishes with a menu that includes swordfish, as well as mackerel and beetroot. The chefs consider the meat picanha the main attraction – this dish is cooked on hot coals at 350 degrees on a Green Egg grill.

Restaurant Maarjamäe: Aja lugu & hea toit
As the History Museum reopened in Maarjamäe, so did Restaurant Maarjamäe. Chef Veiko Ruukel has based the menu of the restaurant on the traditions of Estonian cuisine. The restaurant is located in the historical Orlov Castle, where an esteemed restaurant was located already during the first Republic of Estonia. This explains the second part of the restaurant’s name – ‘the story of time and good food’.

TV Tower restaurant
The café and -restaurant on the 21st floor of the Tallinn TV Tower provides a wonderful view on Tallinn and beyond. The interior has a retro vibe, reminiscent of the 80s, when the TV Tower was built. The menu, however, relies more on modern food trends. There are dishes made of seasonal raw material, which can best be described with the words ‘simple’, ‘nutritious’, and ‘colourful’. Live music is played in the restaurant on Saturdays.

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About the author

Mall Oja is a marketing  manager at Tallinn City Tourist Office.

Mall’s passion in work is introducing Tallinn to influencers and making the City exciting. She appreciates city culture and good food.