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Estonian design – the perfect gift

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By Noora Karppi  •  21.11.2018

Estonian design is interesting, practical and attractive. Whether it's your friend, grandparent, girlfriend, boyfriend, niece or nephew you are looking for that special something to bring back from your trip – Estonian design will help you out.

Estonians love their design and proudly wear the creations of local designers. Here are some suggestions on what to get for relatives and companions from Tallinn. And why not, a little something for yourself also.


Estonians are close to nature. This is also reflected in many pieces of Estonian design. KUMA butterfly brooches, Spruce Sprout -earrings and necklace by Sigrid Kuusk and the Honeybee brooch by Maria Sidorenko are just a few examples.

Highly popular among local women are also colourful Tanel Veenre earrings, which look heavy, but are actually almost as light as a feather.


During the last few years, leather accessories have become extremely popular in Estonia. CraftoryStella SoomlaisNulkuMokoko all create high-quality stylish leather items. You can find bags, wallets, business card holders, keyrings etc. Most residents of Tallinn, who follow trends, have at least one wristband made of leather – local design of course.

Another interesting material used in Estonian design is wood. Wooden Lifestyle makes wooden bow-ties, Wooch creates wooden watches and Estonian designer Karl Annus uses wood in the frames of eyewear.

Estonians value soft materials also. Wool, silk and cotton are popular choices. Nordhale designs Scandinavian-style bags and pouches from leftover felt. Wollen felt is also used in cute night masks made by Ööloom.

Super-soft and luxurious are the shawls and blankets designed by Alpaka and Mare Kelpman. Both highly popular brands in Estonia.


You'll find a good selection of natural cosmetics made in Estonia. Many brands produce all kinds of goods from lipsticks to bath salts and candles – all made with love and pure ingredients.

One of the biggest cosmetics brands is Joik. Joik makes stylish, high-quality cosmetics of natural ingredients. Nurme natural cosmetics are inspired by the Estonian meadows and Turbliss uses peat from Estonian bogs on their products.

Lumi cosmetics combines fresh organic ingredients with science and engineering and D'Difference brings us luxurious and sophisticated cosmetics made with natural ingredients.

A fun addition to the family of natural cosmetics is Moshi. Moshi makes organic cosmetics and uses playful messages on its' packages.

All these cosmetics brands create products for men and women.

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